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Hinwil, February 10, 2016, 7:00 a.m. - 2015 was very challenging for the Swiss economy. Both, the unexpected abandonment of the min-imum exchange rate against the euro, and subsequent strong appreciation of the Swiss franc and the partly difficult market environment in Eastern Europe had a negative impact on the sales growth and profitability of the Belimo Group.
Under these circumstances it is pleasing that Belimo was able to hold net sales in Swiss francs on previous year level at CHF 493.3 million (with growth of 3.6 percent in local currencies). The Amer-icas and Asia Pacific achieved higher sales in the second half-year compared to the first, while Europe stagnated.
Adjusted for currencies, sales in Europe were down 0.9 percent; the Americas grew by 9.7 percent and Asia Pacific by 7.2 percent. Water applications rose by 8.9 percent on a currency-adjusted basis whereas air applications were on the same level as previous year.
Based on preliminary figures, the Belimo Group expects an operating income (EBIT) of around CHF 74 million (first half 2015 CHF 35.8 million; previous year CHF 81.3 million) and a net income of approximately CHF 56 million (first half 2015 CHF 23.0 million; previous year CHF 67.2 million).
Detailed information on the 2015 reporting year will be announced at the media information ses-sion on Monday, March 21, 2016.