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Indoor air quality training and webinars

Indoor air quality training programs

The objective of our HVAC webinars and training programs is to further educate seasoned service engineers, facility managers, distributors, control contractors, building owners on real-world problems and solutions on indoor air quality (IAQ) and the importance of occupancy health and efficient system performance. Our offerings are organised and held worldwide.


Joint webinars on the topics of healthy indoor air

Energy-efficient indoor air quality - organized by Camfil and Belimo (Europe)

In this webinar, co-hosted by Camfil and Belimo, you will learn the importance of a healthy indoor climate for occupant comfort and well-being. And how to achieve excellent indoor air quality using energy-efficient technology from industry-leading companies.

Indoor air quality outlook - organised by Thermal Control Business Update (TCBU) Magazine (Asia Pacific)

TCBU organised a live interactive session on "Indoor air quality outlook." In this session, the industry's leading experts talked about integrating technologies and equipment to cater to India's ever-increasing demand for indoor air cooling quality. They also discussed the environmental challenges and how industries and government policies play a pivotal role in promoting and improving the quality of indoor air cooling.


Belimo Talks

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