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Added Protection

Belimo has a wide range of weather shields, sensors, battery back-ups, cables, and programming tools that can help enhance your system. With unparalleled customer service and technical support team, we can help you find the proper accessory for your application. 

The features and benefits of accessories:

  • Battery back-up drives to a safety position actuator during power failure
  • Weather shields are designed for additional valve protection when mounted outdoors
  • Auxiliary switches to indicate when the desired position of a valve is reached or to interface controls for a particular control sequence
  • Feedback potentiometers to provide a resistive signal
  • Pipe Packages a systematic way of piping HVAC terminal units to reduces time, space and cost

Multi-Function Technology

Multi-Function Technology, only from Belimo, allows you to create custom solutions for individual applications, using the same programmable actuator. You can modify voltage control, time proportional control, floating point, on/off and feedback signals too. In addition, MFT makes it easy to set parameters for running time, mechanical working range, address, status and diagnostics

Hand Held Programming Devices

The ZTH directly connects to the Belimo Multi-Function Technology (MFT) series actuator offering the ability to quickly change the parameters of the actuator, such as control input, control feedback, runtime, and minimum and maximum values.