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Greater Force and Flexibility

The globe valve series are available in sizes from ½” to 6” which fulfill the requirements of ANSI 125 and ANSI 250 applications. Utilizing either bronze or stainless steel trim and fitted with either spring return, non-spring return, or electronic fail-safe actuators, globe valves are the perfect fit for HVAC equipment such as air handling units, terminal equipment, and hydronic systems with primary and secondary loops of water or steam service.

A Versatile Product

More Strength for Higher Pressure Demands

The Belimo globe valve actuators are designed to withstand the rigorous demands of many HVAC applications. With its innovative quick connect coupler, the globe valve actuator can be retrofitted and installed and adapted in no time.

Product Range

Belimo SelectPro – Sizing and Selection Tool

Sizing and Selection Made Simple

SelectPro is a quick and simple tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, sensors and replacement solutions.

SelectPro’s Features Include:

  •  Export Builder – Design an export to fit your needs
  •  Reference Documents – Locate information in one central location
  •  Contact Profiles – Ability to save multiple contact profiles
  •  Quote Generator – Create a professional quote from your schedule
  •  Media Download – Save a ZIP file of your entire schedule’s media

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Note: SelectPro Online works best in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox

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User Benefits

Consulting Engineers

Your analytical skillset makes you an invaluable asset to your organization and though your job is to design systems and operating sequences that meet energy codes to make facilities run more efficiently. You constantly find yourself collecting information and analyzing data when it could be spent looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and improve building performance. Belimo globe valve assemblies provide:

  • Greater force for higher pressure demands with reliable performance
  • Withstand the rigorous demands of many HVAC applications
  • Linear stroke ensures flow is maintained in heating and cooling systems
  • NEMA 4 actuator options for harsh outdoor applications
  • Vast selection of actuators with smaller transformer sizing to suit a wide range of applications to increase building comfort
  • Customer focused organization with support documentation requirements for plans and specifications

Contractors & Distributors

You're tasked with running a lean and mean operation—however, finding new and effective ways to provide unique solutions to client problems are key to achieving the ultimate goal of increasing profits and growing your business. You feel like far too much of your time is spent diagnosing technical issues and troubleshooting problems for others when it should be spent getting the job done and moving on to the next one. Belimo globe valve assemblies offer:

  • Easy selection, installation, and maintenance-free
  • Vast selection of assemblies to suit a wide range of applications ensuring efficient operation
  • Multiple voltage options (24V and 120-230V) offering easy field assembly and installation saving you time
  • Fast delivery with extensive customer and technical support service if needed

Building Owners

Building expansion and tenant improvements are a constant challenge to your facility department and the value of your property. You are having difficulty keeping clients comfortable, identifying ways to optimize your HVAC system, and preserving capital budgets. Globe valve assemblies offer:

  • Showcase your building by utilizing energy-efficient products
  • Withstand the rigorous demands of many HVAC applications ensuring reliable performance and long service life
  • Quiet operation with brushless DC motor keeps office spaces acoustically comfortable
  • Accurate modulation at low flow with rangeability specification to 100:1 ensure efficient operation

Facility Managers

Higher energy prices combined with costly building inefficiencies are making your job more and more difficult to perform. While you should be looking for new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and improve facility performance, you’re simply too busy dealing with employees, troubleshooting technical issues, and trying to combat costly problems with more money. Belimo globe valve assemblies provide:

  • Excellent control stability to maintain occupant comfort
  • Easy selection, installation, and field adjustability
  • Standard wiring that is easily understood by maintenance personnel
  • Quiet running globe valve assemblies provides acoustic comfort in office space
  • Fast delivery and easy installation along with world-class customer support


You are tasked with communicating to organizations how they can save energy and improve performance — but key opportunities are passing you by. Why? Most of your time is spent searching for new product innovations that are backed by proven and reliable energy savings data. Belimo globe valve assemblies offer:

  • ANSI Class VI leaking rating offering increase plant efficiency ensuing occupant comfort
  • A single three-way valve can be used for both mixing and diverting applications, which helps to reduce inventory
  • 100:1 rangeability providing tight close-off up to 250 psi with accurate modulation at low flow
  • Available with Multi-Function Technology™ (MFT), making it the smartest, most adaptable globe valve assembly
  • Incorporate not only strength but are highly adaptable making selection, installation and service hassle-free

Commissioning Agents / Balancing Contractors

The responsibilities of your job are complex. Between managing and reviewing projects, along with balancing and commissioning systems, you’ve got a lot on you plate. What you’re looking for is an innovative product with proven energy savings data that meets your facility’s specifications without the hassle of a complex installation and/or costly maintenance requirements. Belimo retrofit solutions offer:

  • Manual override function provides easy troubleshooting capabilities during start-up and commissioning
  • MFT models with field selectable control and feedback signal, and running time match design sequences and controller requirements
  • Trending with Multi-Function Technology (-MFT) models for system diagnosis

Videos & Webinars

Belimo offers videos and webinars developed to educate the many features and benefits of Belimo globe valves. These webinars are recorded; also listed are a few globe valve videos.

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Lunch & Learn

Interested in have an education program at your facility? Contact your local Belimo District Sales Manager to schedule a lunch and learn at your facility or ours. You can learn everything from the basics of HVAC installation and maintenance to in-depth information on the latest innovations in valves, actuators, and sensors.


Success Stories