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Certified, Safe and Maintenance Free

Belimo‘s potable valve assemblies are certified to NSF 61 via the methods and values defined in NSF 372, ensuring customer safety. Belimo offers a series of potable control valves, ball and butterfly valves providing zero leakage preventing energy loss, and reduce operating costs. Ideal for domestic water applications.

User Friendly

Superior Flow

Belimo potable valve assemblies are engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance offering superior flow control and long-lasting reliability. The valves operate by a rotary actuator controlled by standard on/off or floating point control which moves the valve position dictated by the control system. Safely transport and control potable, clean water flow with a range of operating Cvs. Potable valves are ideal for domestic water applications, including water shut-off and water tanks.

Product Range

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User Benefits

Contractors & Distributors

You manage a lean operation. Finding effective ways to provide unique solutions to client problems is vital to increase profits and grow your business. Most of your time is spent diagnosing technical issues and troubleshooting others' concerns instead of getting the job done and moving on to the next project. Belimo potable valves offer:

  • Easy selection, installation, and service hassle-free
  • Tight close-off up ensuring superior performance
  • A comprehensive selection with press fit connections for easy field assembly and installation
  • Engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance
  • Designed to provide superior flow control and long-lasting reliability

Commissioning Agents / Balancing Contractors

You are responsible for managing and reviewing projects, along with balancing and commissioning systems. What you would like are innovative products with proven energy savings data that meets your facility's specifications without the hassle of a complicated installation and costly maintenance. Belimo potable valves offer:

  • Manual override function provides easy troubleshooting capabilities during start-up and commissioning
  • Valve technology with a rotating ball will pass debris in the water and won't get stuck, ensuring flow is maintained
  • Engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance
  • 0% leakage rating providing increase in plant efficiency

Building Owners

Building expansion, tenant improvements, and reducing energy consumption are a constant challenge to your facility team and your property's value. Keeping clients comfortable, identifying ways to optimize your HVAC system, and preserving your capital budgets are at the forefront of your mind. Belimo potable valves offer:

  • Easy selection, installation, and hassle-free maintenance
  • Short delivery times
  • Backed with a 5-year guarantee and comprehensive support over the product's entire life if you should ever need it.
  • Brushless DC motor technology offers accurate and quiet operation to maintain a comfortable building environment
  • Tight close-off to ensure efficient operation


Facility Managers

Management, control, and efficient operation of your buildings can make your job a bit challenging. You look for solutions to ensure occupant comfort and optimize system performance. You value transparent and straightforward systems with quick delivery and technical support when or if required. Belimo potable valves provide:

  • Maintenance-free valve/actuator combination
  • 0% leakage rating to provide plant efficiency and occupant comfort
  • Valve technology resists clogging due to debris and ensures flow is maintained in heating and cooling systems
  • Easy selection, installation, and service for retrofitting
  • Fast delivery with technical support


You communicate with organizations to save energy and improve performance, but you are missing potential opportunities. Most of your time is spent searching for new product innovations backed by proven and reliable energy savings data. Belimo potable valves offer:

  • 0% leakage rating showing an increase in plant efficiency
  • Tight close-off up providing dependable performance
  • Engineered and manufactured for dependable, trouble-free performance.
  • Designed to provide superior flow control and long-lasting reliability.

Videos & Webinars

Belimo offers videos and webinars developed to educate the many features and benefits of Belimo globe valves. These webinars are recorded; also listed are a few globe valve videos.

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Tools & Materials

A central location to access product documentation for use in your business needs.


Lunch & Learn

Interested in have an education program at your facility? Contact your local Belimo District Sales Manager to schedule a lunch and learn at your facility or ours. You can learn everything from the basics of HVAC installation and maintenance to in-depth information on the latest innovations in valves, actuators, and sensors.