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Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Healthy Indoor Air and Energy Efficient HVAC Solutions

Considering the significant amount of time we spend inside buildings, indoor air quality (IAQ) and productivity haven't always been given enough attention in the past. In many cases, the focus was on the health of buildings rather than the occupants and energy efficiency. It is possible to design energy efficient buildings and at the same time offer occupants healthy indoor air. Belimo' framework, the 7 Essentials of Healthy Indoor Air provides valuable information on how HVAC devices can contribute to healthy indoor air (HIA) in buildings without compromising energy efficiency.

Requirements for Building Technology from a Medical Doctor’s Perspective

Dr. Walter Hugentobler is an academic and medical advisor with 30 years of expertise in the reciprocal relation of indoor air quality, buildings, and health. In his presentation, he gives a prescription for a diversified, balanced and healthy microbiome in resident and office buildings. His wish list to an HVAC company in the interest of maintaining the health of building occupants confirms Belimo's contributions to healthy indoor air.

Download the complete presentation from Dr. Hugentobler:

Indoor Air Quality Training and Webinars

The objective of our HVAC webinars and training programs is to educate further seasoned service technicians, facility managers, distributors, control contractors, building owners on real-world problems and solutions on IAQ and the importance of occupancy health and efficient system performance. Our offerings are organized and held worldwide.

Your Healthy Indoor Air Partner

Belimo focuses solely on HVAC systems to provide innovative technology in field devices that ensure reliable, energy-efficient solutions providing comfort, safety, and system performance in buildings. We together with our customers as a team to ensure results are met in every project, big or small. This approach led us to become a trusted name worldwide and a market leader in HVAC field devices.

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