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Belimo Culture

What makes working at Belimo so unique? We asked our employees in Hinwil this question. We identified five strengths that best describe our culture and form the framework at our headquarters for employees to identify with their work. Find out more below about what it means to work for Belimo.

We take responsibility.

We as a company want to make a difference in the world. This is why we support the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, especially in the areas of «health and well-being» and «measures for climate protection».

Comfort - People spend more than 90 percent of their time in buildings. Belimo ensures a feeling of well-being and a healthy environment for both living and working.

Energy - More than 40 percent of global energy consumption is generated in buildings. Our energy-saving products help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Safety - Fire protection and safety actuators from Belimo save lives and help keep damage to buildings and property to a minimum. Our products ensure greater safety, even in critical environments such as hospitals and laboratories.


We are pioneers.

Market and technology leadership are two of our fundamental corporate goals and innovation is one of the most important factors in achieving these goals. Our Innovation Division works with customers to find innovative solutions and verify promising ideas. We continuously improve our products and services and invest around 7 percent of net sales in research and development each year.

However, innovation at Belimo is not only reserved for the Innovation Division. In all divisions, departments and teams, our employees are encouraged to contribute and implement ideas to improve not only the quality of our products but also the working and production conditions at our locations around the world.


We create added value.

Belimo employees make a sustainable contribution to the environment through their work. With our products, we make a valuable contribution to a better climate. Motivated employees are crucial to us for achieving the ambitious goals we have set and for ensuring the success of the company.

It is particularly important to us that Belimo employees identify with their work, our values and our culture. Therefore, we strive to create a working environment in which professional self-fulfilment is possible and each employee can find personal meaning in his or her work.


We stand together.

Exchanging experience and knowledge within Belimo are important pillars of our success. Teamwork demands and promotes the creativity of each individual and ensures that we solve tasks and problems in the best possible manner for our customers. We therefore place great emphasis on cooperation within teams and across departments and regions.

Professionalism, transparency and respect for one another are extremely important to us. We pay particular attention to this during recruitment interviews. At the same time, our employees see themselves as one big family, which is why a relaxed, humorous and personal approach is essential in our everyday work.

Our team spirit is also evident in leisure activities, such as football, ice hockey or spinning classes.

Our priority is that our employees identify with their job and our company. This is the foundation for our shared success.


We are Number 1.

Belimo has earned its place as the market leader by valuing ingenuity and craftsmanship and never simply resting on our laurels. Very simply, we strive to build damper actuators, control valves and sensors that meet all comfort and energy consumption challenges, perform flawlessly and earn the trust of our customers through a long and highly productive life.

We offer our customers more value than they expect and more than others can offer. We can only achieve this if our solutions continue to set new market standards and remain one step ahead of the competition. This is why we deliver top performance in everything we do. The basis for this head start is the high level of commitment of our employees and their innovative capacity.

With them, we will continue to set ambitious goals for ourselves in the future in order to celebrate further successes.

Our milestones