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How we promote our employees.

We go further.  A growing company like Belimo needs industry experts who are always at the cutting edge of knowledge in their respective fields. Their knowledge and skills ensure the future success of our company. For this reason, we invest in our employees and offer programmes for personal development.

Every year, our HR department plans various training events in which our employees can participate. The programme includes internal and external courses for the development of methodological, social and leadership skills. Events usually take place in the region and last 1 to 2 days. And, of course, they are free of charge for our employees.

External workshops, conventions and courses can be attended at any time in consultation with one's supervisors. We also participate financially in longer training courses and by providing working hours for that purpose.

  • Specialist and management careers
  • International assignments
Specialist and management careers

As an internationally active technology company, we are aware of the great importance of technical expertise. Specialists are important sources of knowledge and their further development and loyalty to the company are important factors for our success.

We have therefore established the concept of specialist careers in departments with comparable positions. This concept offers technical specialists specific career prospects, aligning their career with a management career.

At the same time, we have numerous employees in key positions in other departments , who are also important know-how sources and whose  development we promote on an individual basis.

When filling  management positions, we focus on internal employees who have the necessary management skills or whom we trust to have a management career.If possible, we want to offer particularly suitable managers new perspectives and prepare them intensively for new hierarchical levels.

International assignments

We support the international exchange of employees wherever this is useful for current or future tasks. This exchange is intended to expand expertise at our locations around the world as well as that of our employees, and to improve communication between the individual companies.

As a matter of principle, employees are employed according to local conditions during a stay abroad. There are exceptions, however, for employees who are sent to a subsidiary at Belimo's explicit request. They are treated as expatriates and are employed by the company that makes the most sense for both the employee and Belimo.

International assignments are sufficiently long in order for both Belimo and its employees to achieve maximum benefit.