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Automation technician EFZ (Federal Certificate of Proficiency)

As automation technician, you build electrical controls, apparatuses, machines or automation systems. You put these into operation, carry out repairs, are responsible for maintenance, create technical documents and train the operating personnel.

Nowadays, when it has become impossible to imagine a world without automation, the profession is steadily becoming more and more attractive. This means that interest in new technologies and the accompanying further training are unavoidable. Thanks to the breadth of this training, later you will be able to work in many different areas.

The training period is 4 years and is divided into two phases.

You will spend the first 2 years at azo Uster, where you will learn the necessary fundamentals of the profession.

After completion of the basic training comes the switch to Belimo itself, where you will be active in various task areas with regard to maintenance and where you will have the opportunity to extend the knowledge you have gained from your basic training.

The productive final project (IPA) takes place in the last year of apprenticeship. It is important to us that you are optimally prepared for the final examinations and for the IPA through your practical work in our operations.

What you contribute.

Automation technicians deal mainly with technical questions. Mathematical, geometrical, logical and also linguistic skills play a major role. It is also important to have a good imagination and an understanding of abstract processes. For this reason, we require Secondary School Level A with good marks in the respective subjects.

The following talents and aptitudes are also important:

  • Practical comprehension, ability to see interrelationships
  • Visual thinking
  • Creativity
  • Technical comprehension
  • Ability to imagine abstract processes

Who will supervise you.

Our professional trainer for automation technicians is Michele Sanfilippo. Michele is a trained automation technician and has been working as a maintenance specialist at Belimo since 2017. Michele has a wide knowledge of automation applications which he has already passed along to a number of apprentices in the past.

The Head of our Professional Training Department is Rolf Indermaur(see photo) from the Human Resources Department. Rolf also has many years of experience supervising apprentices and is always available to offer advice and help.

If you already have questions regarding apprenticeships at Belimo or the job profile, you can contact Rolf Indermaur +41 43 843 61 11.

What else you need to know.

How to submit your application.

Next apprenticeship start: August 2023

Would you like to complete your apprenticeship at Belimo and you meet our prerequisites for automation technician? Then we look forward to receiving the following documents.

  • Motivation letter with the most important reasons for your interest in the profession
  • Personal statement, preferably with a resumé
  • Copies of your existing upper school reports
  • Result of Basic Check or Multi Check (if already available)

If you have not yet collected all of your school reports together yet or if you would like to do the Checks at a later time, you can submit the missing documents to us later at any time.