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Information technician EFZ (Federal Certificate of Proficiency) – platform development

We train information technicians in the field of platform development.

As a systems technician, you are responsible for the company's IT infrastructure. You perform maintenance and upkeep on various server systems and storage solutions. You work on your own and in teams to an equal extent, which is why the ability to integrate and think in a networked manner is very important.

The training period is 4 years and is subdivided into two phases.

You will spend the first year at  AZO Uster, where you will learn the necessary fundamentals of the profession.

After completion of basic training comes the switch-over to our Information Technology Department. There you work on various tasks and projects and learn how to solve a variety of problems and to work within the team. Furthermore, you will learn how to handle a variety of server systems and complex tools.

The productive final project (IPA) takes place in the last year of apprenticeship. It is important to us that you are optimally prepared for the final examinations and for the IPA through your practical work in our operations.

What you contribute.

Information technicians deal mainly with technical questions. Mathematical, geometrical and also linguistic skills play a major role. Also important to have are good concentration and a well-developed sense of duty. For this reason, we require Secondary School Level A with good marks in the respective subjects.

The following talents and aptitudes are also important:

  • Practical comprehension, ability to see interrelationships
  • Sense of service
  • Stamina and concentration
  • Technical comprehension
  • Creativity

What else you need to know.

How to submit your application.

Next apprenticeship start: August 2023

Would you like to complete your apprenticeship at Belimo and you meet our prerequisites for Information technicians? Then we look forward to receiving the following documents.

  • Motivation letter with the most important reasons for your interest in the profession
  • Personal statement, preferably with a resumé
  • Copies of your existing upper school reports
  • Result of Basic Check or Multi Check (if already available)

If you have not yet collected all of your school reports together yet or if you would like to do the Checks at a later time, you can submit the missing documents to us later at any time.