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Tradesperson EFZ (Federal Certificate of Proficiency)

The commercial apprenticeship training offers versatile professional perspectives and is considered a solid basis for the start in one's professional life. 

At Belimo, you can complete your training in the  E-Profile or theM-Profile (with Vocational School Diploma) in the "Machinery, electrical engineering and metals industry (MEM)" sector.

Our apprentices provide versatile services to customers, suppliers and other operational areas. Communications in face-to-face, on the telephone, by e-mail or letter is at the centre of commercial activities.

During the three-year training course, you will be assigned to different departments for approximately four months each. The apprenticeship training departments include, for example, Switchboard/Reception, Marketing-Communications, HelpDesk, Sales, Procurement, Human Resources, Order Processing and Bookkeeping.

We are committed to providing a sophisticated and varied vocational training and thus give you optimum preparation for the final apprenticeship examination.

What you contribute.

For apprenticeship training in theE-Profile, we require Secondary School Level A  with good marks. The school report marks in the required subjects of Mathematics, German, French and English should not be less than 4.5.

For the M-Profile , we require Secondary School Level A with good to excellent marks. The school report marks in the required subjects of Mathematics, German, French and English should not be less than 5,0. If you wish to take part in the M-Profile, then you must pass an additional entrance examination at the canton level.

The following talents and aptitudes are also important:

  • Practical comprehension, ability to see interrelationships
  • Organisational and communications talent
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Appreciation of economic conätexts
  • Sense of service

Who will supervise you.

Our professional trainer for commercial clerks is Nadine Peter. Nadine is a Human Resources Assistant and has been with Belimo since 2020. She has already accompanied apprentices in the past on their way into their professional lives and knows what makes the difference in a professional apprenticeship.

The Head of our Professional Training Department is Rolf Indermaur from the Human Resources Department. Rolf has many years of experience supervising apprentices and is always available to offer advice and help.

If you already have questions regarding apprenticeships at Belimo or the occupation profile, you can contact Nadine Peter at +41 43 843 61 11.

What else you need to know.

How to submit your application.

You are interested in an apprenticeship as a commercial clerk at Belimo? Then we look forward to receiving your application for an introductory apprenticeship. For this we require the following documents:

  • Motivation letter with the most important reasons for your interest in the profession
  • Personal statement, preferably with a resumé
  • Copies of your existing upper school reports
  • Result of the Stellwerk test and/or Multi Check (if already available)

Next apprenticeship start: August 2022

Have you already completed an introductory apprenticeship at Belimo and would now like to apply for an apprenticeship position? Then write us about your impressions of the introductory apprenticeship and enclose your most recent school report.