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"Learning things differently"

Great environment and new learning opportunities are the reasons for working at Belimo. It's been five years now that I have been working with Belimo. Completing half a decade with an inspiring team who have showed a sense of achievement, makes the journey memorable.

I am proud to represent an organisation whose name speaks for itself on a global scale. Respect, care and excellence are the core values that have been reinforced from the top and flows through the hierarchy. I believe each of our customers, our employees, and our vendors will affirm the same. This company is absolutely people-centric with its prime focus always on its human capital in every department. Together we work as a team to make Belimo a great company with strong core values.

I am committed to my work and enjoy working with Belimo. I like to support my colleagues in the best possible manner and offer excellent administrative services so that we can work efficiently in accomplishing a common goal towards organisational success. I am looking forward to being part of the Belimo success story for many more years to come.

It would be easy to work for a different organisation and get a paycheck. However, not all companies can create an employee-friendly work culture that makes me excited to come to work every day!

 Deepa Thakker, Inside Sales Executive, Belimo India