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Versatile in Performance and Function

Belimo bus integration gateways are designed for integration in a variety of Building Management Systems (BMS). Integrated solutions from Belimo permit cost-efficient and easy-to-manage integration of sensors and HVAC air/water final controlling elements.

Ease of Integration

Feasible and Connectivity

Belimo UK24 series gateway made simpler and less expensive for integration with Building Management Systems (BMS) to enable easy MP bus communication with other protocols.

Product Range

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User Benefits

Consulting Engineers

Your analytical skillset makes you an invaluable asset to your organisation. Though your job is to design systems and operating sequences that meet energy codes to make facilities run more efficiently, you constantly find yourself collecting information and analysing data when it could be spent looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and improve building performance. Belimo bus integrator offers:

  • One gateway can connect with 8 MP bus actuators
  • Different protocols available: LonWork, Modbus, BACnet
  • Wide range of baud rate selection
  • Customer-focused organization with support documentation requirements for plans and specifications

Contractors & Distributors

You need to run a lean and mean operation—however, finding new and effective ways to provide unique solutions to client problems are key to achieving the ultimate goal of increasing profits and growing your business. You feel like far too much of your time is spent diagnosing technical issues and troubleshooting problems for others when it should be spent getting the job done and moving on to the next one. Belimo bus integration provides:

  • Integrated onboard DIP switches for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • Rail mount and plug terminal for easy installation
  • Easy communication with Belimo MP bus

Building Owners

Building expansion and tenant improvements are a constant challenge to your facility department and the value of your property. You are having difficulty keeping clients comfortable, identifying ways to optimise your HVAC system, and preserving capital budgets. 

  • BACnet, Modbus and LonWork communication protocols provide superior application data access and enable reduced wiring and parameterisation
  • Cost-efficient for integration with air/water actuators and sensors
  • Showcase your building by utilizing energy-efficient products

Facility Managers

Higher energy prices combined with costly building inefficiencies are making your job more and more difficult to perform. While you should be looking for new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and improve facility performance, you’re simply too busy dealing with employees, troubleshooting technical issues, and trying to combat costly problems with more money. Belimo bus integration can provide:

  • Integrated onboard DIP switches for easy setup and troubleshooting
  • Easy installation for tenant improvement projects or retrofits
  • Fast delivery and online technical support


You are tasked with communicating to organisations how they can save energy and improve performance — but key opportunities are passing you by. Why? Most of your time is spent searching for new product innovations that are backed by proven and reliable energy savings data. Belimo bus integration can:

  • Cost-efficient for integration with air/water actuators and sensors
  • Providing convenience, safety and security system performance
  • Easy communication with Building Management System (BMS)

Tools & Materials

A central location to access product documentation for use in your business needs.