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“We have the support we need daily knowing that Belimo makes a quality product they support 100%”

It’s been almost seven years since I started working at Belimo. Aside from loving what I do, I also love the people that I collaborate with every day. My coworkers have grown to be some of my closest friends and greatest mentors. When I first started, I chose to get my hands dirty, figuratively and literally by rolling up my sleeves to see and learn what our products can do. I have been able to rely on my seasoned coworker’s experiences and knowledge, but I am also encouraged and supported by Belimo to succeed with extensive training. Being a Regional Consultant can be very demanding but also very rewarding. We are the face that the customer sees on a daily basis which leaves us receiving most of their feedback. Just representing the name “Belimo” helps make our jobs that much easier. We have the support we need daily knowing that Belimo makes a quality product they stand by 100%. I am proud to work for a company that trusts its employees to do their job. Belimo has confidence in their employees to be knowledgeable and capable. Having the freedom to do what I need to get the job done is refreshing and in turn, motivates me to go above and beyond what is expected of me. Because of Belimo, I have traveled globally, been exposed to technical and educational resources, and I have been given opportunities that I never had before. I work for and with amazing individuals. I hope to continue to grow and advance with such an extraordinary company like Belimo!

David Riffle, Regional Application Consultant