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"A hub of innovative capacity, a clear focus and a very attractive working environment – this is why I love working for Belimo day after day."

I discovered that Belimo isn't just a run-of-the-mill company when I first came into contact with it. It was the spring of 2001 and I received a call from Alfred Freitag (who was responsible for the Swiss market). He was looking to expand his sales team. Communication was open, honest and trusting right from the start – values which Belimo doesn't just include in its mission statement and code of conduct, but actually puts into practice daily. So I started out as Regional Sales Manager for Switzerland and Belimo helped me complete advanced studies to gain a Dipl. Verkaufskoordinator (Swiss diploma in sales coordination) and Eidg. Dipl. Verkaufsleiter (Swiss federal diploma in sales management). However, the company doesn't just offer external advanced studies, it is also very open to offering motivated and committed employees internal career opportunities. For example, between 2005 and 2007 I was able to call Shanghai home and use this as a base to supervise Japan and South Korea. After Shanghai my work initially took me away from Belimo, but because of its actively practiced culture, versatile and diversified areas of activity and work, very high degree of innovation and the many friendships I maintained, Belimo remained a very attractive company for me. And so our paths crossed again in 2011 and I became Regional Manager of Actuators and Valves for Belimo's Europe division. One of the great things about this position was that I was able to make fantastic use of my international experience and the company helped me gain an international MBA during this time. I have been Managing Director of Belimo Austria since September 2015. In this function too, being familiar with the parent company is very useful. In my daily work, it helps me to continually offer our customers added value.

Forward-looking staff planning is important to Belimo and so about a year in advance I know that I will be taking on management of the Swiss market in January 2018. All I can say is "Together to the Top!", we are setting the standard.

Rony Riedo, Managing Director for Austria