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New IoT Product Range

IoT Actuators, Ethernet Connectivity, and the Belimo IoT Ecosystem

Belimo now offers a full product range of IoT-enabled field devices including the Energy Valve and Ethernet connected damper and valve actuators. They leverage data and cloud technology enabling more efficiency in HVAC applications.

IoT Product Range

Belimo Energy Valve™

The Belimo Energy Valve is an IoT-enabled product leveraging captured system data and utilizing advanced analytic technology to improve coil and system performance.

  • Cloud analytics provides recommended Delta T and flow setpoints which can be updated remotely. 
  • Lifetime access to stored system data for future optimization.
  • Reporting of key performance indicators including historical flow rates, energy usage, and Delta T.
  • Online technical support ready to assist remotely.
  • Software and security updates provided automatically.
  • Extended warranty to 7 years with Belimo IoT connection.

IoT Actuators

Belimo IoT actuators include two sensor inputs for monitoring passive or active inputs like temperature, pressure, humidity, air quality, or analog meter readings. Sensor values stored in the Belimo Cloud can be used by your web applications to optimize system performance and enhance occupant comfort.

  • The Belimo Cloud provides a single point of access for your BIoT application to utilize collected actuator performance data and connected sensor values; from anywhere, anytime.
  • Open client application programming interface (API) for fast connectivity to your web application.
  • Built-in webserver enables local configuration of actuator sensor inputs.
  • Available BACnetIP objects or Modbus TCP registers unlock application data.
  • IoT actuation for damper and valve applications, available with fail-safe or non-fail safe functionality.
  • 5 year warranty.

Learn More about Belimo’s IoT Product Range


Watch this video to learn more about the full range of Belimo IoT products. In addition, we challenge you to write your own applications utilizing the new Belimo IoT actuators.

Connection to web-based weather forecasts, geo location data, voice services, indoor and outdoor air quality, and real-time energy costs are just a few of the many possibilities of outside data availability that can be leveraged when creating an IoT control application.

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