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Belimo ZoneEase™ VAV

Belimo ZoneEaseTM VAV  is the most innovative VAV-solution that simplifies the commissioning process. It provides commissioning support via the cloud to enhance the user experience and reduces project complexity and downtime while increasing connectivity, data transparency and cost-efficiency.

Available only in Asia Pacific.

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How it Works

Simplify the Commissioning Process 

Swiss quality ZoneEase™ VAV ensures efficient installation and commissioning, optimizing zone comfort through intelligent control, and can be connected by common BACnet MSTP protocol,.

  1. System integrators enter and upload all configuration data at their office to the cloud system.
  2. Installers login and configuration data are automatically synchronized to their smartphones on site.

  3. Installers tap their smartphones easily to the room unit or actuator (powered/ powerless).

  4. The Belimo ZoneEase™ VAV has all the planned configuration data. VAV works!

  5. All authorized users will be able to view the progress on the cloud anytime, anywhere.


A Comfortable Solution You Can Trust

  • Tested quality: To ensure ZoneEase™ can perform to the highest levels of quality and reliability, it was tested in a dedicated thermal chamber in Belimo's headquarters.
  • Full traceability: ZoneEase™ VAV is made traceable during configuration, calibration, and commissioning, allowing customers to instantly monitor progress.
  • Quiet but quick: ZoneEase™ VAV runs quietly during normal operation. When customers initiate a boost request, it runs at maximum speed.
  • CO2 quality sensor: Installation of an optional CO2 sensor allows advanced zone air quality monitoring.

Ease of Use and Quality Response

  • Mobile tool: Our user-friendly app helps users to monitor, configure, commission, and control individual VAV control actuators directly at the room unit, ceiling sensor or actuator using NFC technology.
  • Health analysis: Health and fault analysis of VAV systems provide better insights of the VAV condition.

Transparency to Solve Real Issues

  • Complete system data: All system data is stored in the cloud; access to this data is safeguarded with a user account and password.
  • Fan Optimization: ZoneEase™ VAV detects and flags insufficient duct statics over BACnet.
  • Certified partners: Our Belimo certified partner program promotes professionalism and quality deployment of VAV systems.

Reduced Risk of Downtime

  • Quick changes: Changing design data, such as Vmin and Vmax, or temperature calibration is simple using our password-protected app at the room unit/sensor.
  • Fast service: Belimo certified partners as well as cloud and app technology allow faster service.
Product Range

ZoneEase™  BACnet VAV Actuator

  • 5Nm actuator based on LC technology
  • Integrated pressure sensor D3 (-20 to 500Pa)
    • +/- 5% of measured value (20 to 500Pa)
    • +/- 1Pa (-20 to 20Pa)
  • Pluggable terminals for easy connection 
  • BACnet MS/TP communication
  • NFC access to the system
  • MP master
  • Analog input for CO2 sensor
  • 3 digital output signals for fan/heater control*

* Feature apply to LMV-BAC-002 only



ZoneEase™ Wall-mounted Room Unit / ZoneEase™ Ceiling-mounted Room Unit

  • Boost / ECO mode
  • Big LCD display
  • Buttons to set temperature and modes
  • MP communication with the actuator
  • NFC access to the system
  • Digital input signal for presence sensor*

* Feature apply to 22RT-A001 and 22RT-A003




App & Cloud Login

Commissioning at your fingertips – Download the App now and experience efficient commissioning, progress overview, error indication and notification, parameter editing and diagnosis.

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