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"Relationship Building and Growth Really are the Belimo Way"

As of February 2017, I will have been with Belimo for two years as a member of the Product Management team. My initial interest in coming here was to connect more closely with my customers to developing solutions that were truly needed. Upon arrival, it was clear to me that relationship building and growth were the Belimo way. Everyone is so friendly, and during the onboarding process, it was refreshing to see that asking questions was encouraged and there is a real desire to make sure everything that you need to succeed is at your fingertips. The leaders in the Product Management and Marketing group have a real desire to make sure that you are always successful by promoting educational opportunities, building a team that feels more like family, and asking what they can do as leaders to bring the team as a whole to the next level.  Examples of such promotion include encouraging involvement in industry organizations like ASHRAE, recommending educational classes through Belimo University and other venues, promoting the 7 Habits of Effective People, and providing various team building activities which bring the group as a whole even closer. I am also impressed with the different career opportunities that Belimo offers. Career paths could include further product management development, management opportunities, or sales paths to name a few. The great thing about Belimo is that all paths are encouraged, and I know whichever direction I might choose, I will be met with a great team and plenty of future opportunities  I would encourage anyone considering Belimo as an employer that they would be making an excellent decision.

Robin Bristol, Product Manager