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"My journey with Belimo"

I started working in Belimo since September 2000, as a Sales Engineer responsible for both commercial and technical businesses in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Now I am the Sales Manager overlooking Belimo operations in South East Asia and Key Accounts Manager for Asia Pacific.

Due to my role, I was given the opportunities to travel to many countries, and hence, broaden my horizon. Today, I know more people across the globe and learn more about other cultures.

Belimo, the world’s largest manufacturer in direct coupling electric damper actuator for HVAC market, is a company that shows she treasures and values her employees. For example, during the Employee Survey, Belimo management takes feedback constructively and implements improvement plans as required. Employees are also encouraged to take up training to upgrade themselves from time to time, including overseas training.

I have always appreciated Belimo’s Value of being Open, Fair, Honest and Trustworthy; to Respect one another and our customers. These are values that any individuals can embrace into their lives.

Some people asked me why I stayed in Belimo for 17 years. I asked them in return, why would anyone want to leave a company that continuously innovates itself, respects and pays attention to employees’ need, and gives employees opportunities to progress. I am just one among many who have 17 years of career, if not more, in Belimo.

Sebastian Goh, Managing Director Belimo South East Asia