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"I am a kind of generalist..."

On August 2, 1996 I joined Belimo as a Development Engineer HW/SW with responsibility for electrical add-on devices. Soon afterwards I took over the management of the new development department "Data Communication and Tools" and was able to implement many exciting projects with my employees. During this time, I also completed the NDS Industrial Engineering degree with excellent support from Belimo.

During 2003, I handed over management of the department to my successor and took on the support role for our MP-Bus cooperation partners. The associated international travel fascinated me, it also took me to Tokyo several times to visit our largest Asian customer.

When we began with the development of the first Performance Devices and more knowledge was necessary with regard to the application, I completed the DAS Energy Systems qualification and Belimo again provided significant support. In the course of taking these devices to market, I had the opportunity to introduce our colleagues in Shanghai to these new technologies over several weeks. As well as the intercultural cooperation, I also enjoyed the exciting metropolis which my local colleagues were more than happy to show me.

At the end of 2013, I left Belimo for a brief interlude at another, equally well-known, international company with a different field of activity.

The company-internal change requirement of a long-term Belimo colleague ultimately pulled me back to Belimo. Since June 1, 2016 I have been responsible for our SW-based tools, e.g. the Belimo Assistant smartphone app. Now I am looking forward to further exciting projects with Belimo - and for further training in the area of SW engineering. As this is in both our interests, Belimo will also support me in this.

In my opinion, the challenging work on innovative topics, the pleasant working environment, the great camaraderie and the mutual trust in our daily work throughout all levels of the hierarchy make Belimo a unique employer. This is why I am pleased I came back.

Martin Wild, Senior Development Engineer, Innovation Data Comunication/Tools