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  • Bus & System Integration
  • BIM / Revit / VDI
  • Sizing & Selection
  • Firmware
Bus & System Integration

Belimo MP-Bus

Belimo PC-Tool (MFT-P)
Adjustment and diagnostic software for MF/MP/MOD/LON/KNX actuators incl. fire protection.
For Windows Systems.

MP-Bus Cable length calculator
The MP wiring calculator calculates the requested power consumption to layout the transformer, as well the maximum cable lengh of 1 MP-branch.

VRP-M Tool
Adjustment and diagnostic software for commissioning, setting and monitoring air volume and pressure applications based on the VAV-Universal VRP-M V3 system solution.

Service Tool ZTH EU

The ZTH EU service tool simplifies diagnosis, operational checking and setting for HVAC performance devices. Connected directly to a parametrisable or communicative actuator from Belimo, current values can be read on site and reset immediately.

When using the ZTH EU as an interface for the PC-Tool (MFT-P), the corresponding USB driver is installed when the PC-Tool software is installed. The driver can also be downloaded here and installed separately.

Belimo Assistant App

Belimo Assistant App for onsite operation of devices with built-in NFC interface

Complete transparency at all times regarding your Belimo HVAC actuator solution and the operation of your system. With the Belimo Assistant App your smartphone or tablet provides wireless on-site operation for VAV, sensors, damper and valve actuators.

Display identification data: device type, position, designation, serial number, MP address
• Operating data and setting parameters: device-specific
• Send operating and setting data directly from the system, via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS 
• Diagnosis page: device specific state information
• Storage of operating and setting data in notes
• Data transmission with deenergized actuator or during ongoing operation
• Automatic language adaptation (DE / EN / FR / IT)

KNX (ETS product database)


KNX volumetric air flow controller (LMV-D3-KNX, NMV-D3-KNX & LHV-D3-KNX)

KNX actuators (LR24A-KNX & NR24A-KNX)


UK24BAC firmware upgrade

The gateway firmware can be updated via a USB connection.

LonWorks (application programs and LNS plug-ins)


Important: UK24LON V3.2: Do not load to devices with V3.10 or newer!

Important: UK24LON V3.11: Do not load to devices with V3.2 or older!

Programming unsuitable application versions can lead to total failure. It is essential to observe the information in the release notes.


LonWorks actuators (..ALON) with sensor interface

Application (standard) with temperature controller

Device resource files

Application (option) with CO2 controller 

Device resource files

Belimo plug-Ins 

Damper actuator plug-in
Sensor plug-in
Controller plug-in
Release notes and documentation (de/en)
(Device resource files)


Important: BKN230-24LON V1.10: Do not load to devices with V1.0!
(produced from 2012)

Important: BKN230-24LON V1.0: Do not load to devices with V1.10 or newer!
(produced until 2011)

Programming unsuitable application versions can lead to total failure. It is essential to observe the information in the release notes.

BIM / Revit / VDI

Belimo VDI 3805 Selektor

3D data models with technical information from the Belimo VDI 3805 Selektor

Belimo's VDI Selektor makes it possible to no longer just select individual products, but rather combinations of valves and actuators as well. Data including any technically relevant information can be conveniently added to a project.

BIM plug-in for Autodesk Revit

3D data models with technical information from Autodesk Revit via the BIM plug-in

This plug-in allows you to select Belimo actuators, valves and sensors from one database and then add them to the building information modelling project with their technical data via drag & drop. All BIM users thus have access to all data in a structured and classified form in the Revit MEP format.

Sizing & Selection

Belimo Valve Sizer App

With the Valve Sizer App, you can select the right Belimo valve and actuator in a targeted and convenient manner in the HVAC field (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Specify the flow and differential pressure, define other features, such as the connection type, the nominal diameter or the PN class then select the appropriate actuator (standard actuator, fast runner or fail-safe actuator). All data sheets are also available.

Valve Slider

The popular valve slider from Belimo is also available digitally. With its new design, it simplifies the selection of valves.


Belimo Energy Valve™

Here you find the latest firmware updates for the Belimo Energy Valve™.

Latest update: 08.09.2021