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Room Operating Unit Humidity / Temperature with virtual display active, NFC, 0...5 V, 0...10 V, 2...10 V, MP-Bus, Belimo Display App, PC, white, RAL 9003

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€ 173,00

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Belimo Assistant App

Belimo Assistant App, Smartphone app for easy commissioning, parametrising and maintenance

Available as a free download

Belimo Display App

Belimo Display App, Innovative end-user app for displaying current room values and adjusting setpoints., For NFC-capable Android and iOS smartphones. Compatible devices: 22RT.. and P-22RT...

Available as a free download


Converter Bluetooth / NFC

List price: € 303,00
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Product videos
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Installing Belimo Room Sensors and Operating Units

Thanks to spring-loaded terminals and snap-on cover, the installation of our Belimo room units is a matter of seconds. An Optional locking mechanism provides excellent protection against theft and vandalism.

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Commissioning with the Belimo Assistant App

The Belimo Assistant app enables simple and flexible parameterization and diagnosis of the active room devices. All you need is an NFC-enabled smartphone.

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Powerless Commissioning

Our active Belimo room devices can be parameterized and set up quickly and conveniently via the Belimo Assistant App even without an active power supply.

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Room sensors - Designed in Switzerland

Specialized know-how and "Swiss quality" for  a comfortable room environment. See the people behind the Belimo room sensors.

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Changing the Temperature Setpoint with the Belimo Display App

The Belimo Display App is the most innovative way to access Belimo room sensors and room operating units. With the intuitive end-customer app, the current room values can be displayed and setpoints can be adjusted. Access protection prevents input by unauthorised people.

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Belimo Sensor Range 2022

With a complete range of sensors, Belimo is now your single source for HVAC field devices.



Additional features
Display type
Belimo Display App
Electrical connection
Measured values
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
Measuring range humidity
Default setting: 0...100% RH
Measuring range temperature
Default setting: 0...50°C [32...122°F]
Mounting type
Output signal
  • 0...5 V
  • 0...10 V
  • 2...10 V
  • MP-Bus
Product type
Sensor type
Unit type
Room operating units
Voltage AC/DC
AC/DC 24 V