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"Shared commitment to success."

As a qualified electrician I am used to high workloads and flexible working methods. After a long sabbatical due to my military service and a foreign assignment, I joined Belimo as an assembly employee in 2006. I have known of the company since my early childhood as my parents have been involved with the firm for almost 30 years. The familiar contact and the focus on social care at Belimo are very important to me. Thanks to mutual trust between the company and myself and also my high commitment I was able to take on the role of Group Leader Deputy in the Fire Damper Actuator Mounting department after just two years. During this time, I received significant support from Belimo with regard to my professional development and was able to take part in internal and external seminars, courses and training sessions.

Following my promotion to Group Leader in 2010, I took on responsibility for this department and since them I have been responsible for around 30 employees. My daily work involves all tasks, from the creation and monitoring of production orders, to ensuring effective and efficient mountings for assembly groups and finished products, to the management, motivation and promotion of employees. I have come to know Belimo as an extremely competent and innovative company. The constant growth of the company offers me many options with regard to my career planning. With the generous help and participation of this company I was able to successfully complete a course to become a federal-certified industry master in 2015.

The fantastic working climate, the exciting challenges and the valuable cooperation with my superiors motivate me anew each day. Appreciation in the workplace cannot be underestimated as a factor for health, well-being and security. For me, the focus is still on employees because we can only be successful when we work together.

Chhomrong Khun, Team Leader Assembly Fire Protection