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"Part-time employment enables me to tackle technically challenging tasks and, at the same time, to be there for my family."

After studying electrical engineering at the HTL I worked for several years in different companies and specialized in the area of microelectronics. During my time as a Design Engineer for a chip supplier, I got to know Belimo as a customer.

After a baby break of 2 years, I looked for a part-time job. Unfortunately this working model is still uncommon in many companies. However, Belimo proved itself to be progressive and very flexible and hired me on a 20% basis. For one day each week I wrote data sheets on the Belimo ASICs and so I was able to use my knowledge again. My motivation and willingness to commit to all work given to the Development Team ensured that the small workload was beneficial for both parties. After 2 years I increased my working hours to 30% and then to 50%. My workload became constantly greater: first I provided support in Code Reviews, then I created test concepts and planned chip verification, later I was responsible for the modification of an ASIC and I am currently working on the system architecture for the next ASIC.

I have now been working at Belimo since 2004 and, as before, I value the excellent working climate, open interaction with each other and the cooperation in our team. Belimo enabled me to continue my specialist career and to best arrange it with my family. In spite of the part-time work, I was able to stay at the front of technical development and received both professional and personal support.

Myriam Taschi, Development Engineer Sensors/Motor/ASIC