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What is EDL Portal?

EDL is an energy services portal from MST System Technik

EDL-portal offers to its users a user-friendly and secure platform for monitoring, operating, and managing their systems and buildings.

EDL-Portal service is already being used successfully today by several larger cities (e.g., Berlin, Zurich, Basel, Bern, Biel...). In Luxembourg, several municipalities, large commercial properties, and shopping centers are served via the EDL portal. Several branch network operators use the EDL portal at hundreds of locations.

MST System Technik develops and distributes this connector as a component of EDL-Portal. Using this connector, you will be able to integrate the Belimo Digital Ecosystem's functionalities into EDL-Portal.


Quick Start

This connector is distributed as a component of EDL-Portal, therefore it is available in the EDL portal configuration.

All the information needed to configure this connector are available in EDL-Portal documentation.

In order to get access to the Belimo Digital Ecosystem, remember to subscribe to the Belimo Developer Space in order to receive the proper credentials for this connector.


Once the connector is active, EDL Portal will have access to the digital twins of the devices associated with your Belimo ID. You can configure multiple connectors to separately access different groups of digital twins.

This connector makes you able to read, write and synchronize the historical data of the data points of your devices.

You can create virtual datapoints in EDL Portal and interact with them natively.

On the right you can see historical Energy Consumption data in EDL Portal synchronized with the mapped datapoint of the digital twin of your device

Obtaining Support

This connector has been developed by a third company with Belimo's support. The developer is free to support it and to keep it updated. 

This software can be used to develop new applications.

Belimo does not guarantee any support on new applications or on this software, which is distributed as it is and without any warranty. Please visit the developer's website for more information.

The support offered by Belimo is of a general nature on a best effort basis, for instance in developing your own connector for a different platform. Should you be interested please write to:



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