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As a market-leading company, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and innovative edge with you in the simplest possible way. In addition to our numerous webinars, which you can find under the heading Webinars, we offer educational videos and web-based trainings on a wide range of exciting topics.
Online trainings allow you to access further education from anywhere and at any time. In the diverse self-study courses, you can acquire the information we provide on our products and general applications.

Is there a topic you would like to be informed about? Let us know! 

  • Web-based trainings
Web-based trainings

To give you the greatest flexibility and keep track of your progress, you can complete the individual learning steps and continue learning at a later date.
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Belimo Energy Valve™

Duration: 60 mins

In this web-based training on our much sought-after energy valve with thermal energy meter, we cover the following topics:

  • What are the advantages of the energy valve?
  • Where is it used and what control modes are possible?
  • What does low delta T syndrome mean and how does the energy valve prevent this?

Technology bus basics

Duration: 75 mins

This basic training addresses the following questions about bus systems:

  • What is building topology?
  • What communication technologies are available?
  • Differences between building structures in the past, preset and future
  • Which bus protocols are available at Belimo?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different bus protocols?

Thermal Energy Meter

Duration: 150 mins

In this web-based training, we teach the basics of our thermal energy meter with MID approval.

  • How our measuring principle works (heat/cold)
  • How do we take into account and compensate for the glycol content in the water?
  • What communication interfaces are available and what settings are possible via the web server?
  • Connection via NFC and operation with the Belimo Assistant App
  • How is commissioning conducted?
  • How can I activate Power over Ethernet?
  • How can I activate the thermal energy meter?
  • What should be considered with the EN1434 and MID 2014/32/EU standards?