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Complete Offering of Innovative HVAC Field-Devices

Belimo has earned the place of the market leader by valuing ingenuity and craftsmanship and never resting on our accomplishments. Very simply, we strive to build damper actuators, control valves and sensors that solve comfort and energy challenges, perform flawlessly and earn your trust through a long and productive life.

Innovations in Comfort, Energy Efficiency, and Safety for Buildings

For over 40 years, Belimo successfully focuses on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning markets providing quality solutions that will increase energy efficiency; reduce installation cost with the fastest delivery times in the industry. Our innovative products have always been designed to help achieve objectives better, faster, and more economically. Investing in new technology is key to our success, and Belimo will continue to offer products to help businesses succeed.
CESIM is the Belimo-method to innovate building technology with sensors, valves, and actuators. CESIM ensures Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Safety for people and their property, while also ensuring easy Installation, commissioning and reduced Maintenance efforts.

Creating Healthier Indoor Comfort with Less Energy

Buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy demand and greenhouse gas emissions. And because we spend up to 90% of our time indoors, they powerfully impact our comfort, health, and overall well-being. At Belimo, we have made it our mission to create healthier, more comfortable indoor environments that consume less energy. With a product portfolio naturally geared toward addressing several UN Sustainable Development Goals, we enable highly energy-efficient building automation and control systems (BACs) that cut the power requirements of HVAC solutions by up to 55%.

Basic Requirements for HVAC Systems for Healthy Indoor Air Quality

People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors, and breathe 12,000 liters of air per day. It is therefore important to understand the powerful influence that indoor air quality has on our wellbeing. Belimo shares its deep insights into the effects of indoor humidity, VOC and central air treatment systems and presents valuable suggestions for your health.

Belimo interviewed consulting engineers and experts in the ventilation sector around the world to identify the priorities when aspiring to create a healthy indoor air environment in a building. In the process, 7 essential factors for ensuring healthy indoor air in non-residential buildings have emerged.

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Combine Energy Measure and Control, Certified Thermal Energy Measurement and Billing

The Belimo Energy Valve™ integrates energy metering, control, Delta T management, and if required IoT-enabled billing in one device. It offers seamless and direct integration to the BMS or to IoT-based monitoring platforms, with IoT-based monitoring, performance improvement tools, and billing data. The two worlds of "energy control" and "certified thermal energy measurement and billing" are being united. Bringing together performance features to save you time and money.

Comfortable and Healthy Indoor Air with Room Sensors and Room Operating Units

Belimo room sensors and room operating units are designed to complement the existing sensor range. Their simple, clear aesthetics are ideal for installation in visible areas, featuring an elegant design and shallow depth that perfectly blends with the surroundings. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers architects an aesthetic and timeless design, installers quick assembly, system integrators easy commissioning with a smartphone and end customers a comfortable and healthy room climate.

Moving Towards Building IoT With Innovative Products

Connectivity has always been a key feature of our products. Providing even better products with the right digital connection is our focus now and in the future. 

The ecosystem of Belimo IoT devices enables flexible system integration through all common building automation communication­ protocols and Building IoT platforms. ­With the help of the additional IoT connection, buildings can be ­more easily optimized, managed­, and­ maintained.