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Facility operators and building owners need to evaluate their building systems to ensure they meet ASHRAE guidelines. Strategies such as improve occupant safety, comfort, and productivity. Every HVAC system needs to be analyzed to ensure appropriate measures are taken to enhance the ventilation and reduce virus transmission in the building.

􀂆 Check the actuator for proper operation by verifying the damper control.

􀂆 Verify the damper actuator meets the torque requirements.

􀂆 Is the actuator securely coupled to the drive shaft or linkage?

􀂆 Override the damper position with the DDC system to verify feedback is tracking the signal.

􀂆 Visually check the damper for proper movement.

􀂆 Command the damper to close fully. Excess air should NOT pass through the damper.

􀂆 Adjust the damper coupling or linkage if needed.

􀂆 Replace broken linkages.

􀂆 Replace damaged blades or edge seals and dry lubricate moving parts.

􀂆 Caulk damper frames to assure a tight connection to the structure. sized actuator and linkage solutions.


If any of the above cannot be met – retrofit the damper with properly sized actuator and linkage solutions. The Belimo Retrofit App or  SelectPro are quick and simple tools for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, sensors, and replacement solutions. Belimo offers a full range of damper actuators, sensors, and economizer solutions along with standard or custom linkages. With a wide variety of controls signals and torque ranges, we can ensure your control dampers will operate with maximum reliability and high performance.

Airflow Measurement and Control

The transmission of pathogens can be prevented by isolating or physically separating individuals. In hospitals, isolation rooms are designed to protect people with certain medical conditions separate from others. Isolation rooms are designed to operate with a negative or positive room pressure ratio. The airflow measurement and control actuators make it easy to create the ideal combination of volumetric flow and room pressure control to match the respective zone.