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Measure and Control

The Belimo Energy Valve is an Internet of Things (IoT) pressure independent valve utilizing advanced cloud-based analytics to leverage captured system data to its full potential providing savings and the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve’s integration with the Belimo Thermal Energy Meter allows energy control and efficient energy billing. Accurate measurement and monitoring of energy consumption in a heating and cooling system with direct IoT-based cost accounting using a single device. The Energy Valve is designed to EN1434/MID standards, ensuring high accuracy and reliability, allowing for transparent tenant billing. Belimo is stepping into a new era of integrated thermal energy management.

One Optimized Complete Solution, Now Cloud Based

Most Capable Valve in the HVAC Industry

The Belimo Energy Valve is an IoT cloud-connected pressure independent valve that monitors coil performance and energy consumption while maintaining Delta T. With a patented glycol monitoring and compensation feature that provides accurate, repeatability flow measurement and ensures glycol content meets design requirements.

Product Range

Belimo Energy Valve Application Guide

This application guide is a central source of materials for the planning, selection, and application of the Belimo Energy Valve™. It provides consulting engineers, system integrators, HVAC contractors, commissioning engineers, facility managers, and building owners worldwide with educational and practical information.

Belimo Clear Edge™

The Belimo Clear Edge is an analytical device that leverages the data from all installed Energy Valves in a BACnet Building Automation System (BAS). The Clear Edge automatically analyzes the Belimo Energy Valve data to optimize, manage, and monitor key performance indicators of water coil performance and hydronic energy consumption. The Clear Edge offers trending capability with automated Delta T setpoint adjustment to increase system performance and energy savings strategies. An internet connection is not needed.

The Belimo Clear Edge technology is also available as a plug-in for SkySpark from Stackhub.

Belimo Energy Valve Savings Estimator Tool

Belimo has developed the Energy Savings Estimator to illustrate the annual dollar and energy savings you can expect by installing an Energy Valve. Download the estimator and view your potential savings.

Citizen Plaza Reduced District Energy Chilled Water Usage by 49%

Citizens Plaza, a state office building, experienced high utility thermal inefficiency charges from Metro Nashville District Energy System due to low Delta T and over-pumping. After the install and operation of 15 Belimo Energy Valves, the average flow through the building during full occupancy reduced by over 200 GPM [12.6 l/s] versus the previous year with original globe valves. As a result of the retrofit project, Belimo Energy Valves reduced chilled water pumping by 49%, which equated to about $23,000 in annual savings. Download the complete success story.


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User Benefits

Consulting Engineers

Your analytical skillset makes you an invaluable asset to your organization. Your job is to design systems and operating sequences that meet energy codes to run facilities efficiently. You constantly find yourself collecting information and analyzing data when it could be spent looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and improve building performance. Belimo's Energy Valve can:

  • Leverage system data and cloud based analytics to optimize system efficiency saving
  • Dynamically balance the load under all operating conditions
  • Provide True Flow GPM reading for fast TAB verification and BMS data logging via BACnet
  • Eliminate costly problems associated with low Delta T syndrome
  • Precisely match designed requirements for BTU/hr and Delta T at the load with patented Power Control
  • Ensure that projects bids remain under budget and installations occur on time

Contractors & Distributors

You're tasked with running a lean and mean operation—however, finding new and effective ways to provide unique solutions to your client problems is crucial to achieving the ultimate goal of increasing profits and growing your business. You feel like far too much of your time is spent diagnosing technical issues and troubleshooting problems for others when it could be getting the job done and moving on to the next one. Belimo's Energy Valve can:

  • Solve client's low Delta T syndrome problems to reduce pump cost, and release plant capacity
  • Provide freeze protection with glycol monitoring for efficient, safe operation and reducing cost
  • Deliver advanced solutions for clients incorporating cloud-based analytics to optimize system performance and Ethernet connectivity for remote IoT metering and billing
  • Solve problems and simplify troubleshooting with onboard diagnostic tools
  • Reduce installation time with a setup wizard that easily guides installation and saves reload set up parameters on future valves

Building Owners

Building expansion and tenant improvements are a constant challenge to your facility department and the value of your property. You have difficulty keeping clients comfortable, identifying ways to optimize your HVAC system, and preserving capital budgets. Belimo's Energy Valve help:

  • Utilize advanced analytic technology while leveraging captured system data to improve coil and system performance achieving increased energy savings
  • Reduce pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing chiller plant efficiency and eliminating waste zone operations
  • Monitor glycol content to enable you to maintain the correct glycol concentration; increasing overall heat transfer and pumping efficiency and reducing operating cost
  • Showcase your building by utilizing state of the art technology
  • Ensure circuits are properly balanced, so tenant improvements and building expansion projects proceed smoothly without impact to other spaces
  • Offers IoT capability for remote meter reading and includes data for efficient tenant billing

Facility Managers

Higher energy prices combined with costly building inefficiencies are making your job more challenging to perform. While you should be looking for new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and improve facility performance, you're too busy dealing with employees, troubleshooting technical issues, and trying to combat costly problems with more money. Belimo's Energy Valve can:

  • Monitor glycol content to enable you to maintain the correct glycol concentration; increasing overall heat transfer and pumping efficiency
  • Reduce pumping and chiller/boiler operating costs by increasing chiller plant efficiency and eliminating waste zone operations
  • Provide accurate and reliable operation with occupant comfort
  • Real-time technical support via cloud technology
  • Ensure coils are dynamically balanced, providing True Flow control


You're tasked with communicating to organizations how they can save energy and improve building performance — but key opportunities pass you by. Why? Most of your time is spent searching for new product innovations backed by proven and reliable energy savings data. Belimo's Energy Valve can:

  • Provide advanced solutions for clients incorporating cloud-based analytics to benchmark and optimize system performance
  • Recommends Delta T and flow setpoints via cloud connection to save time and improve efficiency
  • Graphically illustrate performance reports showing current and historical data of flow rates, energy usage, Delta T, and other points of interest
  • Provide Ethernet connectivity to supports remote IoT metering and integrates billing platforms
  • Eliminates costly problems associated with low Delta T syndrome
  • Create utility savings; University of Miami Rosenstiel building saved $57,890 annually

Commissioning Agents / Balancing Contractors

The responsibilities of your job are complex. Between managing and reviewing projects, along with balancing and commissioning systems, you've got a lot on your plate. What you're looking for is an innovative product with proven energy savings data that meets your facility's specifications without the hassle of a complex installation and/or costly maintenance requirements. Belimo's Energy Valve can:

  • Provide an interface for project specific information to be entered directly on the web page; allowing users to keep track of multiple valves and their operation
  • Easily save settings from one valve configuration and load in another, allowing for fast and accurate integration
  • Provides commissioning report of historical and operational data giving confirmation of valve operation and setup
  • Ensure circuits are properly balanced, enabling efficient tenant improvements and building expansion projects proceed smoothly without impact to other spaces
  • Eliminate costly problems associated with low Delta T syndrome


Energy Valve presentations that provide high level overviews to an in-depth understanding of the technology associated with the Energy Valve.

Videos & Webinars

Belimo offers online and recorded webinar presentations. These free webinars are available once a month lasting only 30 minutes and recorded for future reference. Watch one for yourself now and learn about the Belimo Energy Valve, Delta T Manager.

Tools & Materials

A central location to access product documentation for use in your business needs.


Belimo University offers a free online comprehensive training on room sensors along with other programs. Training is available online or onsite. 

Success Stories

Awards and Recognitions

The Energy Valve has received many awards and recognitions for the technology innovation of solving low Delta T syndrome and providing transparency to visualize product and system performance at the field device level of system operation. Belimo Energy Valve is unlike any other product on the market.