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Sizing and Selection Tools

Belimo provides an array of online tools from sizing and selection of HVAC products to energy saving calculators. These tools are here to help you achieve increased building performance efficiently.

Belimo SelectPro™

Sizing and Selection Made Simple

SelectPro is a quick and simple tool for accurately sizing and selecting valves, actuators, sensors and replacement solutions.

SelectPro’s Features Include:

  • Export Builder – Design an export to fit your needs
  • Reference Documents – Locate information in one central location
  • Contact Profiles – Ability to save multiple contact profiles
  • Quote Generator – Create a professional quote from your schedule
  • Media Download – Save a ZIP file of your entire schedule’s media

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Belimo AR App

Fast and Easy Access to Device Data with Augmented Reality

The Belimo AR app combines Belimo Cloud functionalities with augmented reality technology to offer an enhanced view of the Belimo device data.
The QR code attached to the device allows individual identification of each Belimo device.


  • Fast and easy access to device data and parameter settings using augmented reality technology
  • Read the device QR codes with a smartphone camera
  • Scan QR codes of multiple Belimo devices for room mapping
  • Generate new QR codes for additional cloud-connected devices

Note: The Belimo AR app requires a Belimo Cloud user account.

Learn more about the Belimo Cloud:

Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator Tool

Belimo Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator

Belimo damper actuators provide significant energy savings from their low power consumption. Belimo has developed the Damper Actuator Energy Savings Estimator to help quantify the savings versus competitive equivalents for prospect projects using basic variables. These savings are made possible from Belimo’s patented motor technology and Application Specific Integrated Controller (ASIC) which monitor and control motor rotation to measure actuator position and optimize efficiency and reduce power use in hold conditions.

  • The following link provides you access to the Savings Estimator

Belimo Energy Valve™ Savings Estimator Tool

Belimo Energy Valve Savings Estimator

The Energy Valve Savings Estimator Tool compares current plant Delta T against your Delta T improvements from installing Belimo Energy Valves and calculates energy and cost savings benefits in an easy to read one-page format. The Belimo Energy Valve is an IoT cloud-connected pressure independent valve that monitors water coil performance and energy consumption while managing the delta T.

  • The following link provides you access to the Savings Estimator

Belimo Hydronic Simulator

Hydronic Simulator Tool

The Belimo Hydronic Simulator™ is a tool that simulates a hydronic system in a 4-story building with five terminal units on each floor. All terminal units, branches, and the raiser have a manual balancing valve that allows adjusting based on the valve opening. The Simulator identifies and illustrates when the system needs to be balanced and how the adjusting of the valve could impact the entire system. The main purpose of the Belimo Hydronic Simulator is to educate on the importance of why pressure-dependent valves are not recommended in a dynamic system.

Belimo Retrofit App

The Source for HVAC Actuator and Valve Replacement Solutions

Belimo Retrofit App allows you to quickly and easily find HVAC replacement solutions for valves and actuators. Valves and actuators are responsible for ensuring reliable, functioning hydronic and air control HVAC systems all over the world. With innovative technology, verified quality, and easy handling during installations and operation, they boost the performance and efficiency of integrated building technology. The Belimo Retrofit App provides air and water retrofit application solutions with direct coupled or remote access linkages and energy efficient actuators.

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Belimo Assistant App

Superior Application Data Access

With a smartphone, the Belimo Assistant App provides easy programming, commissioning, and troubleshooting of Belimo products with integrated Near Field Communications (NFC). Some functions include device type, position, operating data, and setting parameters. NFC provides the data access you need to ease installation and ensure optimal performance.

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Belimo PIV Energy Modeling Tool

Now Available as a Standalone Windows Application

The PIV Energy Modeling Tool calculates the energy savings when using Pressure Independent Characterized Control Valves (PICCV) and Electronic Pressure Independent Valves (ePIV) in comparison to pressure dependent valves (Characterized Control Valves (CCV) or globes).

  • Minimum variables are needed to obtain a quick comparison of energy usage
  • Uses hourly calculations in the background to obtain the different HVAC loads with predefined building types along with weather data and climate zone
  • Provides calculation tables to enable modeling as part of an Exceptional Calculation Method
  • Complies with ASHRAE 90.1-2010 Appendix G regarding requirements for simulation programs

Flow Capacity Application Tool

A Quick and Efficient Way to Adjust Cv/GPM

Belimo ZoneTight Zone Valves offer you the option to field adjust to the desired flow to meet system design requirements. With the online Flow Capacity Application Tool, simply select your valve model; enter your desired Cv and Delta P for pressure dependent valves or GPM for pressure independent valves, and click submit. It is that easy.


The flow capacity tool is incorporated into the SelectPro online and offline tool


PC-Tool is a universal software application for setting, commissioning, monitoring and evaluating communications with Belimo actuators.

Multi-Function Technology

Multi-Function Technology, only from Belimo, allows you to create custom solutions for individual applications, using the same programmable actuator. You can modify voltage control, time proportional control, floating point, on/off and feedback signals too. In addition, MFT makes it easy to set parameters for running time, mechanical working range, address, status and diagnostics.

Hand Held Programming Devices

The ZTH directly connects to the Belimo Multi-Function Technology (MFT) series actuator offering the ability to quickly change the parameters of the actuator, such as control input, control feedback, runtime, and minimum and maximum values.