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Belimo sensors for a healthy and comfortable room climate

The new room units (sensors and room operating units) are the perfect addition to the existing product range. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers architects an aesthetic and timeless design. Installers appreciate quick assembly, system integrators easy commissioning with a smartphone. End customers enjoy not only a comfortable and healthy room climate but also the intuitive operation.

Innovation for peace of mind

Lean, timeless design.

Belimo room units impress with their aesthetic, timeless design and the shallow depth between 13 and 23 mm, depending on the sensor type. The room units can be seamlessly integrated into existing third-party controllers. They feature fast, tool-free assembly as well as high long-term measurement accuracy and short reaction times. The Belimo Assistant App enables simple commissioning of the active room sensors and their diagnosis with a smartphone. Thanks to Near Field Communication (NFC), parametrisation is possible even if the room sensor is not connected to the power supply.

Product range

Room operating units with ePaper touch display

The room operating units with display impress with their aesthetic and timeless design, which won the Red Dot Design Award. The ePaper touch display ensures the best legibility and simplest operation, without any lighting that may be disturbing at night.

  • Individually adjustable display for a wide range of applications 
  • CO2 traffic light function, which can be parameterised and deactivated via Belimo Assistant App
  • Fast installation thanks to spring-loaded terminal blocks and snap-on cover
  • Simple parameterisation and diagnosis via Belimo Assistant app

Room operating units with virtual display

The room operating units without display are ideal for rooms accessible to the public. The intuitive Belimo Display App enables setpoint adjustment on site without the need for a display on the room unit. Access can optionally be restricted by a four-digit code. The code remains stored on the mobile phone after it has been entered. This ensures simple, convenient and yet secure access without having to re-enter the code each time the Display App is used. The app is compatible with the latest generation of active room sensors and room operating units from Belimo.

Belimo Assistant App

The Belimo Assistant app offers full transparency of active Belimo room units, their settings and operating data at all times. In addition, it enables wireless, efficient commissioning, operational checks and diagnostics for the latest generation of room sensors. It is easy and ready to use at any time.

  • Set and display device-specific operating data and parameters
  • NFC data transmission with deenergised room units or during operation
  • Diagnosis page: device-specific state information
  • Transmit operating and setting data directly from the device via email, WhatsApp, SMS etc.
  • Customer benefit
  • Software / Plug-ins
  • Success stories
Customer benefit


Your focus is on creativity and functionality. You conceptualise buildings and are responsible for the design, functional, technical and economic planning of buildings. Belimo room units offer:

  • Timeless and lean design
  • Room to create creative, unique design concepts

Consulting engineers

Planning HVAC systems is your core competence. You are constantly on the lookout for new, innovative ways to save energy and improve room climate. You work with the most modern methods and use data from suppliers / manufacturers for your planning. Belimo room units offer:

  • Long-term stable measurements, short sensor reaction time and a low wall coupling factor for precise measuring values and thereby an optimal room climate
  • Seamless integration into all major building automation and control systems
  • BIM data and STEP files in the Belimo VDI selector make your work easier
  • Supported parametrisation via Near Field Communication (NFC), even if the active room unit is not connected to the power supply

System integrators

Your task is to design building management systems and optimally integrate field devices. Your goal is to reduce complexity and ensure transparency for the continuous optimisation of building technology. Belimo room units offer:

  • Seamless compatibility with all common building automation and control systems (BACS)
  • Short reaction time of the room sensor and low wall coupling factor for very precise measurement results
  • Ideal room climate
  • Tool-free data point testing for efficient commissioning
  • Easy commissioning of the active room units via NFC with your smartphone, even if the devices are voltage-free
  • High-quality materials that deliver reliable and accurate measuring values

Specialist wholesalers

For your customers you rely on high availability, easy selection and short delivery times for the products you offer. You require quick and easy access to information as well as comprehensive technical support from your suppliers. Belimo room devices offer: 

  • Quick and easy product selection and installation thanks to our optimised product range
  • Short delivery times and routes
  • Comprehensive after-sales support over the entire life of the product
  • 5-year guarantee

Installers / plant engineers

The installation of HVAC building technology is your trade. To carry out your work, you need the right products at the right time on site. Easy mounting and expert support allow you to meet your tight schedule. Belimo room units offer:

  • Quick, tool-free assembly thanks to spring loaded terminal blocks
  • Reverse polarity protection, which prevents incorrect connection of our active room units
  • Communication and parametrisation via NFC with the Belimo Assistance App
  • 5-year guarantee

Building owners

Improvements in comfort and energy consumption as well as simple building expansions and upgrades are a constant challenge for you. Optimising your HVAC system with the least possible effort and low costs is in the main focus. Belimo room units offer:

  • Fast and accurate measurement results for optimal control of the room climate
  • Full transparency of operating data, enabling optimisation of energy resources using the Belimo Assistant App
  • Short delivery times
  • Extensive support over the life of the product
  • 5-year guarantee

Facility managers / building maintenance

Management, control and operation of buildings and their technical equipment is part of your daily tasks. You seek solutions to ensure room comfort and optimise system operation. You value simple and transparent systems and, if necessary, quick delivery of spare parts and support available at all times. Belimo room units offer:

  • Diagnostic function via NFC to ensure easy access and transparency of operating data
  • First-class after-sales service and comprehensive documentation
  • 5-year guarantee
Software / Plug-ins

Belimo Display App

Belimo Display App as a virtual display for Belimo room sensors and room operating units

The Belimo Display App is the most innovative way to access room sensors and room operating units from Belimo. The intuitive end-user app allows room values to be displayed and setpoints to be adjusted.

Display of room values (temperature, relative humidity, CO2) of all active room sensors & room operating units
• Adjustment of temperature setpoint of active room operating units
• Display of CO2 concentration with customizable traffic light function

And this is how it works:
1. activate NFC and hold your smartphone to the room device
2. view actual values and set temperature setpoint if required
3. to activate the setpoints, hold the smartphone to the room unit again

Compatible with the latest generation of active Belimo room sensors and operating units:
- 22RT..
- P-22RT..

Smartphone with Android V5.0 or higher (Smartphone with iOS V9.0 or higher)

Belimo Assistant App

Belimo Assistant App for onsite operation of devices with built-in NFC interface

Complete transparency at all times regarding your Belimo HVAC actuator solution and the operation of your system. With the Belimo Assistant App your smartphone or tablet provides wireless on-site operation for VAV, sensors, damper and valve actuators.

Display identification data: device type, position, designation, serial number, MP address
• Operating data and setting parameters: device-specific
• Send operating and setting data directly from the system, via e-mail, WhatsApp, SMS 
• Diagnosis page: device specific state information
• Storage of operating and setting data in notes
• Data transmission with deenergized actuator or during ongoing operation
• Automatic language adaptation (DE / EN / FR / IT)

Belimo RetroFIT App

With the Belimo RetroFIT App, you can specifically replace your outdated or defective actuators and sensors from various suppliers with devices from Belimo in the HVAC industry (heating, ventilation and air conditioning).

Be it for ventilation or water applications, you can easily find the right replacement actuator (globe valve actuator, rotary actuator, actuator, ventilation actuator) from Belimo to modernise your installation with the best quality and highest performance.

The complete product range of Belimo sensors is now also integrated in the app.

BIM plug-in for Autodesk Revit

3D data models with technical information from Autodesk Revit via the BIM plug-in

This plug-in allows you to select Belimo actuators, valves and sensors from one database and then add them to the building information modelling project with their technical data via drag & drop. All BIM users thus have access to all data in a structured and classified form in the Revit MEP format.

Success stories