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Reliability and Safety Performance

Belimo fail-safe damper actuators have a comprehensive torque offering from 2.5 Nm to 40 Nm with direct coupled, rotary or linear travel that can handle many HVAC applications. Fail-safe actuators use brushless DC motor technology controlled by an Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) to provide stall protection, lower power consumption, higher efficiency and smaller transformer sizing.

Increased Efficiency

Powerful and Reliable Control

Fail-safe actuators provide lower power consumption, increase torque and faster running times with MFT technology. Belimo actuator accessories increase application flexibility with more options in mounting and commissioning. A wide selection of universal clamps, electrical connections and running times are now available, providing you a cost effective solution with the same reliability you have come to experience with Belimo.

Spring Return Product Range

Electronic Fail-Safe Product Range

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User Benefits

Consulting Engineers

Your analytical skillset makes you an invaluable asset to your organisation. Though your job is to design systems and operating sequences that meet energy codes to make facilities run more efficiently, you constantly find yourself collecting information and analysing data when it could be spent looking for new and innovative ways to save energy and improve building performance. Belimo fail-safe damper actuators offer:

  • Brushless DC motor with overload protection to ensure longevity and trouble-free service
  • Standard wiring and termination nomenclature which is an industry standard understood by installation contractors everywhere
  • Higher efficiency with lower power consumption to avoid carbon emissions over the life of the building
  • Customer focused organisation with support documentation requirements for plans and specifications

Contractors & Distributors

You need to run a lean and mean operation—however, finding new and effective ways to provide unique solutions to client problems are key to achieving the ultimate goal of increasing profits and growing your business. You feel like far too much of your time is spent diagnosing technical issues and troubleshooting problems for others when it should be spent getting the job done and moving on to the next one. Fail-safe damper actuators provide:

  • Universal clamp to fit it different shaft sizes to help reduce inventory
  • Offer clockwise or counter fail-safe rotation to accommodate installation requirements for fail open or fail closed damper position
  • Accessible manual override button to help you pre-tension damper blades quickly
  • Direction of rotation switch to allow the actuator travel to match the control signal output
  • Simple, direct coupling to reduce labour costs
  • Mechanical end stops to adjust the angle of rotation for added installation flexibility

Building Owners

Building expansion and tenant improvements are a constant challenge to your facility department and the value of your property. You are having difficulty keeping clients comfortable, identifying ways to optimise your HVAC system, and preserving capital budgets. Fail-safe actuators:

  • Showcase your building by utilising energy efficient products and enhancing your ENERGY STAR® certification
  • Are electronically protected against overload to increase actuator longevity and reduce maintenance cost
  • Offer low power consumption actuators to reduce utility cost
  • Offer quiet operation with brushless DC motor to keep office space comfortable
  • Offer reliable and precise actuator positioning for ventilation dampers to meet code requirements and keep occupants comfortable

Facility Managers

Higher energy prices combined with costly building inefficiencies are making your job more and more difficult to perform. While you should be looking for new and innovative ways to reduce energy consumption and improve facility performance, you’re simply too busy dealing with employees, troubleshooting technical issues, and trying to combat costly problems with more money. Fail-safe damper actuators can:

  • Guarantee minimum torque over entire specified operating range with no loss in performance due to temperature, supply voltage or speed
  • Offer clockwise or counter clockwise fail-safe rotation to accommodate tenant improvement of retrofit installation requirements for fail open or fail closed damper position
  • Reliable operation and occupant comfort with increased building performance
  • Offer easy installation for tenant improvement projects
  • Offer online technical support and local inventory from controls distributors to make replacement of any damper actuator fast and easy


You are tasked with communicating to organisations how they can save energy and improve performance — but key opportunities are passing you by. Why? Most of your time is spent searching for new product innovations that are backed by proven and reliable energy savings data. Belimo’s fail-safe damper actuators can:

  • Offer minimum torque guaranteed over entire specified operating range; no loss in performance due to temperature, supply voltage or speed to ensure air distribution system performance
  • Electronically protected against overload which decreases maintenance cost
  • Higher efficiency with lower power consumption which saves energy cost
  • Offer reliable and precise actuator positioning for ventilation dampers to meet code requirements and reduce the cost of conditioning outdoor air
  • Offer reliable gear-box holding force to keep dampers closed and reduce costly infiltration of outside air

Tools & Materials

A central location to access product documentation for use in your business needs.

Success Stories