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Smart Connected Actuators Making Systems Transparent

Belimo now offers a complete line Internet of Things (IoT) non fail-safe damper and valve actuators designed to monitor conditions and system functional­ity continuously.

Belimo Cloud Ecosystem

Monitor and Controlled via IoT

IoT damper and valve actuators paired with seamlessly integrated sensors digitises measured temperature, humidity, pressure, CO₂ , VOCs, or flow throughout an entire building helping you create a more comfortable environment with increased building efficiency.

Product Range - Damper Actuators

Product Range - Valve Actuators

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Direct Access

Security & Privacy

Cloud connectivity may make your HVAC systems smarter, but critical performance data needs to be safe and secure. That’s why the Belimo Cloud Ecosystem protects cloud data, ensures device communication via secure connections and proper integration of user-management access rights.

Another key IoT challenge is data privacy – namely who controls the data and who sees it. Belimo stores all system data in a secure cloud in which only the authorized user has access to their data. This account also provides access to a user-friendly and customizable web application interface.

Cloud Business Applications

The Belimo core cloud offers a powerful client Application Programming Interface (API) that allows 3rd parties to develop their own Cloud Business Applications (CBA). The client API provides cloud account management and read/write access to the owned devices. The API documentation is available for approved developers. For more information, please contact us.


HVAC solutions from Belimo have several connection possibilities to the Belimo Cloud. Permanent Ethernet connection enables the device to have permanent data exchange and instant remote access from and to the cloud through device API. Near Field Communication (NFC) and the Belimo Assistant App allows easily program, commission, and troubleshooting of Belimo products to and from the cloud.



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