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Hatfield-Dowlin Complex is Committed to Occupant Comfort

Butterfly Valve Actuator Retrofit

The University of Oregon’s Hatfield-Dowlin Complex is one of the most advanced sports facilities in the world and has been committed to continuously enhancing building efficiency and occupant comfort.

Actuator provides reliable integration of chilled water and waterside economizer

The chilled water plant for the Hatfield-Dowlin sports complex features two 500-ton chillers and two cooling towers that provide chilled water to 10 air handling units that serve the 142,000 square foot facility. Depending on outside air temperature and cooling demand, the plant is capable of operating in different modes.

When outside air temperature is at or below 63°F, the complex utilises a free cooling loop. In this mode, cooling is achieved through use of a waterside economizer in conjunction with cooling towers. When free cooling is not sufficient to meet demand, one or both of the chillers can be brought online. Switching between modes is achieved through the opening and closing of butterfly valves.

Belimo’s solution for the Hatfield-Dowlin complex involved retrofitting six butterfly valves (two 6” valves and four 8” valves) with state-of-the art PR series actuators to improve reliability and reduce energy consumption.

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable operation through intelligent self-adjusting valve design – enabling fast and efficient switching between building modes so that cooling could be matched with outside air temperature and building occupancy
  • Easy installation due to lower overall height and reduced weight of the actuator
  • Quick programming adjustments to running time and provides fast diagnostics with Near Field Communication (NFC) actuator with a smartphone 
  • 80% energy saving with patented brushless DC motor technology reduces transformer and wiring costs

The Most Intelligent Butterfly Valve Actuator


  • Near Field Communication (NFC) allows fast programming, commissioning and troubleshooting. Even when the actuator is not powered it can be programmed
  • Intelligent self-adjusting end stops ensure an easy installation, less commissioning effort and adapts over the entire lifespan of the valve
  • Manual override to desired valve position using detachable hand crank whether the actuator is off or powered on. Valve position is maintained until hand crank is removed
  • 80% energy saving with patented brushless DC motor technology

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