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Belimo safety actuators save lives and help minimise damage to buildings and tangible assets. Reliability that has been specially designed for fire and smoke dampers as a fundamental part of a comprehensive fire safety management strategy in buildings.
A complete range of fail-safe and fast-running actuators increase safety by preventing hazardous situations and ensuring controlled conditions in production spaces, laboratories or other sensitive areas.

Technology that saves lives

Belimo is the global market leader in fire safety actuators due to its industry expertise and continuous innovations that have helped increase safety levels in buildings over the past decades. One example is the patented safety position lock, which in case of fire, holds the fire damper actuator securely in the closed position.

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Fire safety dampers protect duct and air transfer openings within building separations, to prevent the spread of heat, fire, and smoke. Technical fire protection is more important than ever, especially in modern buildings with unusual designs, mixed-use, or with increasing building complexity and size. Belimo is the world's market leader in the motorisation of fire and smoke control dampers with well-founded expertise and experience. Learn from Robin how fire and smoke damper actuators can be retrofitted without having to replace the entire damper assembly.

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Protecting lives and assets

The high quality spring-return or electronic safety actuators provide reliable operation in case of a critical event. Quality assurance procedures ensure 100% inspection of each device, complete traceability, and 90 test routines to ensure that the highest quality standards are met.

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Belimo's fail-safe actuator product ranges have been developed for dampers and valves requiring maximum availability to protect HVAC systems against harsh weather conditions and other potentially hazardous events. Learn from Robin how much impact the Belimo electronic fail-safe and spring return actuator product ranges have on protecting life, tangible assets, and also prevent financial harm.

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Controlling critical environments

Very fast running actuators have a big impact on ensuring controlled conditions of production spaces, laboratories, and other sensitive areas. Belimo's actuators open and close air dampers at top speed with low noise levels and even under harsh conditions.

Influence of indoor air quality on our health

People spend approximately 90 percent of their time indoors and breathe 12,000 litres of air per day. It is therefore important to understand the powerful influence that indoor air quality has on our well-being. Belimo shares its deep insights into the effects of indoor humidity, VOC, and central air treatment systems and presents valuable suggestions for your health.

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