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Belimo Energy Valve™ and
Thermal Energy Meter

Integrated thermal energy management and billing made easier than ever

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Belimo brings together what belongs together.

The new range of Belimo Energy Valve™ with the Thermal Energy Meter integrates energy measure and control, delta T management, and IoT-enabled billing in one device. It offers seamless and direct integration to the BMS or IoT-based monitoring platforms. Energy measurement and control with certified energy measurement and billing are united. It's bringing together performance features to save you time and costs.

Energy billing with integrated energy meter

The University of Bremen campus has over 30 buildings built in the 1970s which have been repeatedly expanded and renovated. Increasing energy requirements over the years led to complicated volume distribution and maintenance of the cooling and heating supply. 
Thanks to the cooperation with Mr Florian Ruby from M&P Braunschweig GmbH and the installation of Belimo Energy Valves, the University of Bremen was able to solve the hydronic idiosyncrasies of this historically developed system. The power and mass flow rate control of the valves ensures a reliable supply. 
The generation systems will be optimally utilised and the individual buildings will be neither oversupplied nor undersupplied. 
The recorded data provide the University of Bremen's energy central with a high degree of transparency; a feat that was previously not possible with a basic control valve. 
Alongside the transparent monitoring and control of the heating and cooling system, the Energy Valve also allows for IoT-based, MID-approved energy billing within the individual cost centres.

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Bringing together certified metering and precise control in one device

The Belimo Energy Valve™ offers certified energy metering (MID) and pressure-independent control, and delta T management in one device. The delta T manager integrated in the Belimo Energy Valve™ continuously measures the temperature spread and compares it with the user defined fixed limit. If the temperature falls below the limit value, the Belimo Energy Valve™ automatically adjusts the flow rate to remove the overflow. Heating or cooling systems operated with excessive amounts of water, are unable to convert this excess flow into a higher heating or chilling capacity, often resulting in the low delta T syndrome at the plant. Measuring and controlling the temperature spread between flow and return at each heat exchanger, is key to ensuring lowest possible pumping costs. Our integrated logic prevents the occurrence of low delta T at the heat exchanger, while retaining comfort.

Learn from Jon: How to detect and solve the low delta T syndrome.

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Reliable certified metering enabling IoT-based billing

Our Energy Valve integrated meters are certified according to EN1434/MID and equipped to incorporate into the BMS seamlessly, also if required, into an IoT-based billing platform. Our non-certified meter options contain Belimo's patented automatic glycol monitoring and compensation feature to ensure power measurements remain accurate, irrespective of glycol concentration. The Energy Valve with the Thermal Energy Meter offers glycol monitoring utilising the on-board advanced logic algorithm to ensure the optimum glycol levels at all times, reducing high pumping costs and eliminating freezing risks.

Success Stories

Simplify planning and commissioning with the Belimo Energy Valve™

Digitally supported workflows simplify your interactions for the entire life cycle of the product – the Belimo Energy Valve™ and Thermal Energy Meter work with the Belimo Assistant apps and web server tool to support the design process, simplify commissioning, make troubleshooting easy, and retains records and certificates as required.

The Near Field Communication (NFC) interface enables easy configuration and maintenance directly from a smartphone using the Assistant app with or without the device powered.

The Energy Valve and Thermal Energy Meter products can be powered using PoE via an Ethernet cable, simplifying installation, avoid wiring errors, and providing a faster, more stable network connection while eliminating the need for a local power supply.

The future of HVAC systems is connected

Connectivity has always been an important feature of our products. The Belimo Energy Valve™ and the Thermal Energy Meter have all common building automation communication protocols on-board ( BACnet IP and MS/TP, Modbus TCP and RTU, and Belimo MP-Bus) and also support M-Bus via a converter. Bus communication can also be used for monitoring and overriding when controlling the Belimo Energy Valve™ using an analogue control signal.

Integration of energy data has never been easier

The Belimo Energy Valve™ and Thermal Energy Meter provide direct integration to the BMS and are equipped to enable 3rd party IoT-based energy monitoring and billing. One device provides all the information needed to control, bill, monitor, and improve the performance of your system.

If you connect your Energy Valve 4 to the Belimo Cloud, it extends the five-year warranty to a seven-year warranty while offering you a host of other benefits. By maintaining a digital twin Energy Valve in the cloud, authorised users can interact with the data directly, or device owners can authorise a third party to provide billing as well as analytical services.

Modular design for a fast meter exchange

The Energy Valves thermal energy meter consists of a sensor module, connected temperature sensors, and houses metering and logic functionalities. Data communication capabilities via Bus and NFC.  The sensor module is available as a spare part. Certain countries require periodic replacement for recalibration according to national regulations. The logic module can be disconnected from the sensor module (leaving all cables connected), enabling the lower sensor module to be easily exchanged.

Additional Resources

The Belimo Energy Valve™ in heating and cooling applications

The Energy Valve in heating applications

The animation illustrates a Belimo Energy Valve on the supply side of a heating application.
The delta T setpoint in the valve matches the design delta T of the coil, 11° Fahrenheit/6 Kelvin.

As the temperature sensors start to realise a lower differential temperature across the coil, the valve begins to close. The flow slows down, allowing a more efficient heat exchange across the coil and eliminating overflow. Once the valve realises that the delta T is beginning to stabilise, it allows more flow back through the coil and keeps the optimum heat transfer available.

The Energy Valve in cooling applications

In this animation the Belimo Energy Valve set up is on the return side of a cooling coil. 
The delta T setpoint in the valve is matching the design delta T of the coil, 15° Fahrenheit/8 Kelvin.

When the temperature sensors detect the delta T has been below the setpoint for a few minutes, the valve begins to close to lower the flow. This enables the heat exchanger to optimise the energy output and eliminate the overflow. As soon as the delta T begins to stabilise, the valve starts opening to keep the designed heat exchange output through the coil constant.

Joerg explains how to increase energy efficiency with the Energy Valve

The Belimo Energy Valve™ offers many integrated functions to perform energy optimisation and make HVAC systems more efficient. Learn how to reduce thermal energy through better leakage rate, pressure independent control, and delta T management.

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Awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label

The Solar Impulse Foundation granted a portfolio of 1000 innovative solutions that meet high standards of both sustainability and profitability. We are proud to announce that the Belimo Energy Valve™ has been selected to be one of the 1000 solutions awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

Swisscom IoT Climate Award 2021

The Swisscom IoT Climate Award honours outstanding achievements by companies that contribute to a reduction of CO2 emissions with their IoT solutions. We are proud that the Belimo Energy Valve has won second place with its cloud connection.