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The Story of Belimo

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  • Launch of the Belimo Energy Valve™ with the Thermal Energy Meter, which integrates energy measure and control, delta T management, and IoT-enabled billing in one device. 
  • Launch of CM Mini - the smallest Belimo actuator with a torque of just one Newton meter (9 in-lb) and a linear actuator with a positioning force of 50 Newtons (12 lbf).


  • At the beginning of the year, Belimo produced its 100 millionth actuator and in doing so reached another milestone in the company's history.
  • Market launch of the VRU Universal VAV controller for sensitive applications in laboratories or hospitals. 
  • Acquisition of Opera Electronics Inc., a Montreal-based (Canada) specialist for air quality and gas sensors.


  • Launch of the new flow sensors, room sensors, and room operating units.
  • Launch of the compact 6-way zone valve.
  • Belimo was recognised as the Best Technical Support Company in the category of “Large Manufacturers” in the American Controls HVAC Industry for the fourth time in the past ten years.


  • Launch of a series of fail-safe and non fail-safe damper, and valve IoT actuators with torque ranges from 45 to 360 in-lbs. These actuators include BACnet, Modbus or Belimo Cloud connectivity and designed to monitor, log, and share system data with the Building Management System.
  • New high torque PMB and PKB damper actuator series is the most innovative, energy efficient and reliable solution with its durable construction, low weight, high torque (1400 in-lbs), and NEMA 4X rated housing to handle tough, demanding environments.
  • Released of a full range of ½” to 2” NPT pressure compensated globe valves for water and steam applications.
  • A new Retrofit App offering a full range of HVAC manufactured products along with enhanced features providing you with fast HVAC replacement solutions.
  • New grooved and high-performance butterfly valve PR (non fail-safe) and PKR (electronic fail-safe) assemblies offering energy efficiency, easy installation, application flexibility, longevity, and reliability for high flow applications.
  • Belimo focuses on the customer-oriented method CESIM®, which ensures that Belimo products have a big impact on Comfort, Energy Efficiency, Safety, Installation and Maintenance on the global HVAC market. 


  • Acquisition of the previously independent distribution company Belimo AB, Sweden
  • Range expansion into sensors
  • Belimo Energy Valve™ 3.0 with cloud integration
  • Launch of new global digital design including websites and web shop



  • Launches HVAC zone solutions for the residential market.
  • Launches a technologically advanced butterfly valve and actuator assembly; the most intelligent, energy efficient, and reliable high flow solution in the HVAC market.
  • The new generation of butterfly valves/actuators is introduced.
  • Operation start of the logistics building expansion at headquarters in Hinwil, ZH.Operation start of the logistics building expansion at headquarters in Hinwil, ZH.
  • Foundation of a subsidiary in Turkey.
  • New distributor in Saudi-Arabia.



  • Belimo celebrates 40th anniversary!
  • Belimo ZoneTight™ zone valves offer new performance and energy efficient standards for pressure independent and dependent zone valves backed with a 5-year guarantee.
  • New generation of fire damper actuators with Safety Position Lock™.



  • Belimo Americas builds efficient, LEED Certified™ Gold® headquarters in Danbury, CT; continuing the commitment to the community and the employees by expanding the capabilities to provide outstanding quality, delivery, and customer service.
  • Expands the Belimo Energy Valves™ and Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (EPIV) range. The precision and accuracy of the Energy Valve can be seen on its ultrasonic British thermal units (BTU) meter.
  • New globe valve retrofit linkage for replacement of existing globe valve actuators offering easy installation with no downtime.
  • 1456 employees.
  • 494 million sales in CHF.



  • With the quick compact valve (QCV) Belimo brings the reliable characterised control valve technology to the zones.
  • The new generation of globe actuators is introduced.
  • Launch of the ZIP Economizer; the fastest route to reliable energy savings with patented ZIP code set up, alarms, superior troubleshooting capability, and a modular design.



  • Launch of the Belimo Energy Valve™, a pressure independent control valve that measures energy, controls power and manages delta T in chilled and hot water applications providing energy-efficient operation of plants in all seasons.



  • Launch of the highest torque spring return actuator; the EF offers 270 in-lbs / 30 Nm of torque and a NEMA 4 option to meet tough environmental conditions.
  • 50 million actuators were assembled!



  • Launch of the Electronic Pressure Independent Valve (EPIV) with an integrated electronic flow sensor and control algorithm to maintain flow set point regardless of differential pressure variations.
  • “Excellence Award” received for the best Swiss Company from Swiss Investment Companies and professors from the Universities Zurich and Eichstatt-Ingolstadt.



  • Launch of the 6-way Characterised Control Valve offering a cost effective way to control heating and cooling using a single valve and actuator for chilled beam and fan-coil applications.
  • Belimo Americas builds a new energy efficient, LEED Certified™ Gold® building in Sparks, Nevada (USA).


  • BELIMO Brasil Comércio de Automação Ltda. established, providing technical support and outstanding customer service with shorter lead times to our customers in Brazil.
  • Net business volume exceeds CHF 400 million sales.



  • Launch of the thinnest damper actuator. The CM actuator, measuring 0.63”, fits in the smallest of spaces with a torque of 18 in-lbs (2 Nm).
  • 1000 employees.



  • 30 million actuators since foundation.



  • The new generation of actuators without safety position is introduced within the following three years.
  • Extension of product guarantee period to five years.
  • Change of accounting principles from Swiss GAAP FER to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).



  • Invention of the Pressure Independent Characterised Control Valve (PICCV) that compensates for pressure variations and performs continual balancing to maintain system performance at varying loads.
  • Invention of the FSNF, Fire and Smoke spring-return damper actuator designed for operation of smoke and combination of fire and smoke dampers in ventilation and air-conditioning systems. 



  • Belimo moves to a new production and administration facility in Hinwil, uniting all locations in the Zurich Oberland region to one site in Hinwil, Switzerland.







  • Introduction of new Multi-Function Technology (MFT) provides a wide variety of programmable control inputs and feedback signals.



  • Launch of globe valve assemblies for regulating flow in frequent and throttling operation applications.
  • Introduction of the mission statement “Together to the Top.”
  • New business volume exceeds CHF 200 million in sales.





  • Belimo releases its line of Characterised Control Valves (CCV) with a specialised self-cleaning ball seat design with high close-off pressure and zero leakage covering large air handlers to small zone applications.
  • 500 employees.



  • Belimo enters the HVAC water application market.



  • Belimo Asia Pacific established in Hong Kong.
  • 10 million actuators since foundation.



  • Expansion of the product range with a small actuator.
  • First Belimo website:




  • The product ranges of safety actuators and volumetric flow controllers were renewed. The tight connection between mechanics and electronics results in attractive products.
  • BELIMO Aircontrols (CAN), Inc. established.
  • BELIMO Holding AG becomes a public company, listed on the Swiss Market Index (SMI).



  • The Belimo Group prepared its first consolidated financial statements.
  • 100 million sales in CHF.



  • 5 million actuators since foundation.



  • Introduction of the brushless DC motor technology reduces energy consumption up to 80% and ensures longevity and optimal system performance.


  • 50 million sales in CHF.


  • 250 Employees.



  • Market entry in the Americas with the foundation of a subsidiary in the United States.



  • Move into the new building in Hinwil ZH in addition to the existing locations.
  • Introduction of a stronger motorised direct coupled damper motor (30 Nm).



  • Assembly of the one millionth actuator.



  • Launch of the new generation of spring return actuators for fire and smoke safety dampers.
  • Introduction of the volumetric flow controllers.



  • Implementation of electronic data processing.



  • 50 employees.



  • On the peak of success of the first model series Belimo introduces an improved generation of direct coupled damper actuators.
  • 100'000 actuators assembled since foundation.


  • Belimo moves from Gossau ZH to Wetzikon ZH because of shortage of space due to the rapid growth.






  • Market entry into Europe with distribution in Germany.


  • Worldwide introduction of the first direct coupled motorised damper actuator. The actuator is mounted directly on the damper spindle offering reduced installation time by two-thirds.


  • The founders decide to apply the bottleneck-oriented strategy (EKS).






  • Foundation of BELIMO Automation AG in Gossau, ZH Switzerland, by Walter Burkhalter, Anton Heinrich Hütte, Ludwig Linsi, Walter Linsi, Werner Roner, and Karl Stocker.

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