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Air handling units

Applications: Air handling units (AHUs)

Outstanding indoor air quality is the prerequisite for our daily well-being and health.

The AHU is the centrepiece of mechanical ventilation. It assumes essential functions such as

  • Providing suitable quantities of fresh outdoor air
  • Filtration of harmful substances and particles from outdoor air
  • Conditioning of the supply air with respect to temperature and humidity


In order to achieve the climate targets set by the European Commission with regard to the reduction of carbon emissions (European Green Deal), energy-efficient solutions are also required in technical building installation. Efficient operation of AHUs contributes significantly to these set goals.

Learn more about why AHUs are the energy-efficient backbone of our comfort and health:

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Health, comfort and energy efficiency

Air handling units (AHUs)

The following documentation is dedicated to the application of AHUs and aims to explain it in a simple and holistic way and thus to communicate application knowledge. In this documentation, the design and functions of an AHU are explained and the advantages and disadvantages of different design strategies are discussed. Special reference is made to the use and arrangement of field devices.


Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics of air conditioning
    → Comfort and health
    → Air-conditioning processes
  3. AHUs and components
    → System types and structural shapes
    → Components
  4. Building automation
    → Levels of a building automation system
    → Building automation with focus on AHUs
  5. Control of AHUs
    → Overview of control devices and functionality
    → Control and regulation of an AHU


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Example from Chapter 5 with respect to the control of AHUs

Fields of application

The requirements for an AHU depend on the application in which the unit is needed. The following applications and their properties can be distinguished (not exhaustive):