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The April electronic newsletter covers:

  • Customers have expressed an immediate need to retrofit some of the most prevalent zone valves in the market. Belimo is excited to announce the release of the new zone valve retrofit solutions designed to replace existing actuators on TACO Zone Sentry® zone valves, Schneider Electric™ VBB ball valves, or TAC Erie™ VM zone valves with the Belimo compact CQ actuator.
  • A few additions and revisions along with updating of images and pdf links were made since the release of the electronic price list (xls) and the electronic version of the product catalog (pdf). The US and CA pricing files have been updated online and are located at www.belimo.us under the Solutions/Resource tab.
  • Belimo University holds numerous webinars throughout the year. View of a list of recorded webinars and upcoming webinars.
  • Where have you seen Belimo? Share your photos with us.