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Belimo highlights

Are you familiar with the hydronic system in your building? Determine the potential for energy optimization with just a few clicks.

The accommodation of a building may change over time. Accordingly, it is important that the technical equipment is also adapted to the new accommodation. Energy-efficient building renovations can be implemented economically by adjusting the existing system, replacing outdated HVAC components, or by adding new, up-to-date technological advancements. It is not always necessary to renew or replace entire systems to increase energy efficiency and minimise operating costs.

Use our checklist to find out whether your building is in accordance with today's energy requirements.

Comfortable and healthy indoor air with room sensors and room operating units

Belimo room sensors and room operating units are designed to complement the existing sensor range. Their simple, clear aesthetics are ideal for installation in visible areas, featuring an elegant design and shallow depth that perfectly blends with the surroundings. With the expansion of the product range for visible areas of the room, Belimo offers architects an aesthetic and timeless design, installers quick assembly, system integrators easy commissioning with a smartphone and end customers a comfortable and healthy room climate.

Mastering the flow with Belimo Energy Valve™

Years of expansion at the Ludmillenstift Hospital resulted in an HVAC system that just could not cope. The introduction of Belimo Energy Valves™ significantly reduced the water flow rate of the heating network, resulting in smart, transparent, and energy-efficient load-dependent heating and cooling systems – while improving comfort and keeping energy consumption stable.

One of 1000 solutions to change the world - Solar Impulse Foundation

In the air, Solar Impulse proved that by using and rethinking existing technologies, a solar-powered airplane can fly through the night using a renewable energy source. In buildings, the Belimo Energy Valve™ rethought the control valve to not only control flow but also control power and manage delta T, delivering transparency and ensuring energy-efficient operation of HVAC systems.

Combine energy measure and control, certified thermal energy measurement and billing

The Belimo Energy Valve™ integrates energy metering, control, delta T management, and if required IoT-enabled billing in one device. It offers seamless and direct integration to the BMS or to IoT-based monitoring platforms, with IoT-based monitoring, performance improvement tools, and billing data. The two worlds of "energy control" and "certified thermal energy measurement and billing" are being united. Bringing together performance features to save you time and money.

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Energy billing with integrated energy meter

The University of Bremen campus has over 30 buildings built in the 1970s which have been repeatedly expanded and renovated. Increasing energy requirements over the years led to complicated volume distribution and maintenance of the cooling and heating supply. 
Thanks to the cooperation with Mr Florian Ruby from M&P Braunschweig GmbH and the installation of Belimo Energy Valves, the University of Bremen was able to solve the hydronic idiosyncrasies of this historically developed system. The power and mass flow rate control of the valves ensures a reliable supply. 
The generation systems will be optimally utilised and the individual buildings will be neither oversupplied nor undersupplied. 
The recorded data provide the University of Bremen's energy central with a high degree of transparency; a feat that was previously not possible with a basic control valve. 
Alongside the transparent monitoring and control of the heating and cooling system, the Energy Valve also allows for IoT-based, MID-approved energy billing within the individual cost centres.

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Products for better indoor air quality

Ensuring the quality of indoor air requires a multipronged approach. Besides precise system design and regular maintenance, reliable products which can be seamlessly integrated into building management systems and IoT platform are essential. Belimo offers a complete and innovative range of HVAC control devices to maintain healthy indoor air quality without compromising energy efficiency.

Discover products for healthy indoor air quality:

Belimo celebrates the production of the 100 millionth actuator

At the beginning of 2020, Belimo produced its 100 millionth actuator and in doing so reached another milestone in the company's history. Today, hundreds of thousands of buildings around the world incorporate Belimo actuators into their HVAC systems.

The Swiss based world market leader for field devices for controlling and regulating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems continues its growth course by reaching this milestone as well as the demand for innovative products that sustainably increase comfort, energy efficiency and safety in buildings.

Ultrasonic flow sensor with glycol measurement

Trusted flow measurement is essential in maximising HVAC system efficiency and ensuring occupant comfort. Belimo’s new flow sensor utilises ultrasonic transit-time technology to provide accurate and repeatable flow measurements of water and water/glycol mixtures without drift in any HVAC application.

  • Multi-point wet calibrated to ensure accuracy and repeatability.

  • Patented temperature and glycol compensation logic eliminates manual calibration.

  • ±2% accuracy of reading and ±0.5% repeatability ensure accurate and precise flow measurement.

Providing safety in the McMenamins Elks Temple in Tacoma, Washington

Constructed in 1915, the historic Elks Temple Building is located on Tacoma's (WA) well-known Broadway and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. In 2012, the Elks Temple was acquired by the McMenamins; after more than four decades of being abandoned. The building renovation started in 2017 with an aim to restore and preserve it to the early 20th-century architectural design and character of the theatre adding a restaurant, bars, hotel rooms, event spaces, and a working brewery. To protect the assets of the historic building and ensure the safety of the people, Belimo’s fire damper and smoke control damper actuators were installed.

Technology that saves lives

Fire protection in buildings is based on three main pillars: structural, technical and organisational fire protection. Technical fire protection is more important than ever, especially in modern buildings with unusual designs, mixed use or increasing building complexity and size. Belimo addressed this topic very early on, especially with regard to technical fire protection. As far back as 1978 –  three years after its foundation – Belimo sold actuators that could be mounted on fire dampers. In the meantime, Belimo has become the world market leader in the motorisation of fire dampers and smoke control dampers with well-founded expertise and experience.