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Belimo Experience Center (Hinwil, Switzerland)

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Theory and practice, easily comprehendible and vividly brought to life!
In the Belimo Experience Center, you will experience our Belimo control devices under real operating conditions. We will show you the latest actuator, valve, sensor and communication technology at work in various exhibits, including in a modern air-conditioning unit and in our "water wall" where we realistically show the effects of different hydronic circuits, types of valves and interventions in control technology.

You can now take a virtual tour of the Belimo Experience Center and get a first impression of this experience. Click on the link and go on a virtual tour.

  • Experience Center
  • Hands-On training events
  • Pressure differential system
Experience Center

Water wall

On the demonstration wall we will show traditional hydronic circuits as well as modern hydronics with intelligent components. This means we can impressively illustrate the energy savings that can be achieved with our products in these water circuits.

We can provide training on the following topics:

  • Mode of operation of various traditional hydronic circuits
  • Modification of the heating or cooling capacity of various types of circuits and valve technology
  • Insufficient pressure (and therefore insufficient flow of water) in the system and the behaviours of various valves
  • Mode of operation of flow limiters and pressure-independent valves
  • Effect of changes in the differential pressure on the power output when using pressure-dependent or pressure-independent control valves
  • Use of the 6-way characterised control valve and the influence of changes in the differential pressure in the 4-pipe system (heating/cooling)
  • Belimo Energy Valve™ – create system transparency and increase system efficiency
  • Reduction of the pump output and thereby the energy needs thanks to the "pump optimiser"
  • Belimo Energy Valve™ with delta T manager: recognise and avoid low delta T syndrome
  • And much more

To book a tour or a training course, please contact your regional sales office.

Air handling unit

In the Belimo Experience Center you can see a functioning and operational air handling unit. It supplies the first and second floor of the orange Belimo building with up to 6900 m/h of treated air. The system is also a model for demonstration and gives a good understanding of how our products are used.

The entire air handling unit is fitted with the latest generation of Belimo products. A supervisory management system defines the ventilation parameters and communicates these via Modbus to an actuator with dedicated logic. This actuator controls the installed control devices via the MP-Bus and reads out the sensor signals, damper position and energy data.

In the hydronic circuit of the cooling and heating coil of the system, the energy valves ensure a high degree of efficiency. A high level of transparency is achieved through automatic differential temperature optimisation and continuous trend log of the system data. Thanks to this device, it was determined during commissioning that the connections for the supply and return had been mixed up. Subsequent troubleshooting could prevent unnecessary malfunctions even before operation.

Would you like to gain some insight into the system data? Then go to With the username "guest" and the password "guest", you can access a demo version of the integrated webserver.

To book a tour or a training course, please contact your regional sales office.

Hands-On training events

Applications for air conditioning

These days, more and more cold water applications are used for cooling rooms – their use is widespread and they are state-of-the-art.

In the cold water/ventilation demonstration system, various operating states can be simulated with the goal of better understanding this issue in multi-storey buildings. Here we will show you how to avoid inefficient installations and settings, as well as how the use of cooling energy can be optimised.

No matter if you are new to HVAC or if you are an experienced professional, the Hands-On training guarantees exciting and varied learning sessions for all levels on topics such as:

  • Components of a partial air-conditioning system
  • Influence of the damper position on air volume and duct pressure, incl. various output calculations
  • Influence of the A-value and view of the h/x diagram
  • Designs of water final control elements
  • "Low delta T syndrome" – the insufficient temperature spread between the supply and return – is becoming an increasingly important issue in terms of energy efficiency.

If you are interested in this training course, then please contact your regional sales office.

Valve assembly and commissioning

In the Hands-On area, you can install a valve yourself, mount the accompanying actuator and put it into operation. Then we will show you the impressive advantages of the Belimo characterised control valve compared to thermal short stroke globe valves.

The practical, correct and standard installation of the valve and its actuator, connection to a water pump and commissioning up to calculating the required Kvs values are just some of the topics in the exciting workshop.

You do not need to have any specialist knowledge to take part in the Hands-On training. Depending on the individual level of knowledge of the participants, even more complex topics such as installation and commissioning of the Energy Valve incl. operating simulation and trend detection can also be explored.

In this training course, we offer you the following topics:

  • Flow, pressure/differential pressure measurements at the valve
  • Determining the kvs value
  • Belimo Energy Valve™ installation, connection, commissioning and parametrisation via the webserver
  • and much more

If you are interested in this training course, then please contact your regional sales office.


Often, to modernise HVAC systems or repair a defect, only the existing actuator or sensor are replaced. Belimo retrofit actuators can be directly mounted onto air dampers and valves from various manufacturers or mounted using an adapter set. Many of our competitors' products can be replaced economically, quickly, reliably and efficiently, all while keeping the downtime of the HVAC systems to a minimum.

You do not require specialist knowledge for this Hands-On training.

  • On the Retrofit table and on various air dampers, we will show you how to mount Belimo actuators on third-party valves, air dampers and volumetric flow controllers

If you are interested in this training course, then please contact your regional sales office.

Pressure differential system

Smoke control in buildings

Pressure differential systems (PDS) are becoming increasingly important for the safety of modern buildings. With our pressure differential system test environment (safety lab) we will impart our knowledge of smoke control in vertical and horizontal escape and rescue routes.

As part of the system technology-related, preventative fire protection, Belimo has invested in a modern, in-house safety lab which has been specially designed for testing and training purposes at Belimo.

The following scenarios will be demonstrated for you:

  • Variable roof-air release with a mechanised pressure relief damper (barometric damper) or with a motor-driven pressure relief damper
  • Door-opening forces at the escape route doors
  • Air release rates of 1.0 m/s or 2.0 m/s
  • Pressure ratios in protected staircase and in the lobby
  • Control times when opening and closing the escape route doors
  • and much more

The safety lab is available for customer visits as well as training and demonstration purposes. Please contact your regional sales office.