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Transparent energy monitoring

Energy savings you can see

With its unique functionality and intelligent cloud services, the Belimo Energy Valve™ sets new standards for automatic optimisation and provides energy savings with the most efficient operation. The Energy Valve continuously optimises the water flow, automatically adjusts it to current climatic conditions and eliminates low Delta T syndrome. Since its market launch in 2012, the Belimo Energy Valve™ has received over 20 awards from industry organisations worldwide. Today, thousands of these smart valves help to reduce the operating costs in buildings and CO2 emissions.

Transparent energy monitoring.

Cloud analytics provide recommended delta T and flow setpoints, which can be updated remotely or automatically to save time and improve efficiency. Key performance indicators are graphically illustrated showing current and historical data of flow rates, energy usage, delta T, and overview of warnings or errors in operation that could affect efficiency.

Innovative flow measurement

The Belimo Energy Valve™ offers glycol monitoring utilising an embedded temperature sensor, ultrasonic technology, and advanced logic algorithms to monitor the percentage of glycol content in the system assuring concentrations meet design needs. Glycol monitoring increases safe operation with overall heat transfer and pumping efficiency and reduces operating costs.

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