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Thermal Energy Meter

Transparent thermal energy management with IoT-enabled billing

Measure control flows and energy consumption in heating and cooling systems with direct or IoT-based cost accounting in a single device. The MID-approved thermal energy meters ensure high accuracy and reliability, allowing for easy and efficient billing.

Certified thermal metering

The Belimo thermal energy meters meet EN1434/MID and are equipped for direct or remote IoT-based billing. The MID approval energy meters offer permanent glycol monitoring with an alarm that can trigger if glycol is present in the water, affecting energy readings. For non-MID meter options, Belimo's patented automatic glycol monitoring and compensation ensures that your measurement remains accurate, irrespective of the type or concentration of glycol. 

Thermal metering with digital access

The thermal energy meter with the Near Field Communication (NFC) interface enables easy configuration and maintenance directly from a smartphone via the Belimo Assistant App or a web server.

Seamless integration

The thermal energy meters provide direct integration to the BMS and is equipped to enable 3rd party IoT-based energy monitoring and billing. One device provides all the information you need to bill, monitor, and improve the performance of your system.

Modular design for a fast meter exchange

The Thermal Energy Meter consists of a sensor module, connected temperature sensors and houses the thermal metering and logic functionality. Data communication capabilities via Bus and NFC.  The sensor module is available as a spare part. Certain countries require periodic replacement for recalibration according to national regulations. The logic module can be disconnected from the sensor module (leaving all cables connected), enabling the lower sensor module to be easily exchanged.

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Combine energy measure and control, certified thermal energy measurement and billing

The Belimo Energy Valve™ integrates energy metering, control, delta T management, and if required IoT-enabled billing in one device. It offers seamless and direct integration to the BMS or to IoT-based monitoring platforms, with IoT-based monitoring, performance improvement tools, and billing data. The two worlds of "energy control" and "certified thermal energy measurement and billing" are being united. Bringing together performance features to save you time and money.