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Together to the top

Mission, Values and Code of Conduct

Our success is the result of offering customers more value. This is why we are driven to deliver top performance in everything we do. This mission, our values and our code of conduct guide us and our customers together to the top. 

Our entrepreneurial activity should be meaningful to the world. Belimo supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, particularly in the areas of “Good Health and Well-Being” and “Climate Action“.

Comfort: People spend more than 90% of their time in buildings. Belimo helps people feel more comfortable ensuring that they can live and work in a healthy environment.

Energy: Buildings account for more than 40% of the world’s energy consumption. With our energy-saving devices, we help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Safety: Belimo fire and safety actuators save lives and help minimize damage to buildings and tangible assets. Furthermore, our devices safely control critical environments such as in hospitals and laboratories.

Installation: We make the day-to-day work of engineers and contractors easier. Our devices simplify the design and the installation process and make commissioning even faster.

Maintenance: Our high-quality actuators, control valves and sensors have a longer lifetime and consume less energy during operation. Reduced maintenance provides peace of mind for building owners and operators.

Our small devices have a big impact – on our customers and on society. This is our conviction.

We offer our customers more value than they expect and more than others can offer. We achieve this by delivering unique solutions and maximizing operational performance. Credibility and trust are equally crucial to our success.
Lars van der Haegen
CEO Belimo
  • Customer Value
  • Solution Leadership
  • Operational Excellence
Customer Value

Our customer-centric method, CESIM®, gives rise to unique products and services. The added value for our customers is our success.

Solution Leadership

We are investing in innovation, so we can surprise the market with unique solutions.

Operational Excellence

Through operational excellence, we ensure the reliable delivery of top-quality products. Our priorities are always clear – quality first, timeliness second and cost third.

Credibility Culture

Belimo’s culture is built on trust, integrity, competence and responsibility. We support personal commitment, the courage to take risks to inspire customers, teamwork and cultural diversity.

We are open, respectful, honest and fair. This allows us to achieve a high level of trust. Once trust is established, a participative leadership style with an open, objective dialogue becomes possible to always find the best answer together. This ultimately creates clarity, a common understanding and full commitment of all employees. Short decision-making paths, personal responsibility, customer proximity and employee identification with the company – this is the basis for creativity and innovation and the reason why Belimo is always one step ahead.

We perform our tasks objectively with both integrity and common sense. We are always loyal to our employees, customers, business partners and shareholders.

We possess unique application knowledge and understand our customers’ business processes, enabling us to provide them with sound and honest advice. As a result, we are given their trust and are perceived as an expert partner. Belimo is a place where minds can grow, both personally and professionally. This creative environment cultivates talent throughout the whole world. Together we have impact!

We feel responsible for the environment. We permanently look for ways to reduce our energy consumption. We avoid the use of substances and material that endanger the environment. This opens new possibilities, reduces risks and fosters innovation. We are convinced that responsible actions and behaviour ultimately result in sustainable growth and profit, creating more value for all stakeholders. 

Code of conduct

Belimo’s mission statement conveys the company’s key guiding principles and fundamental values. Since each employee helps shape the Belimo corporate culture, it is imperative that every one of them understands and embraces his or her personal responsibility.

Belimo is determined to manage its business in compliance with high ethical standards and applicable law. Employees shall act accordingly. This attitude is not only vital to preserve Belimo’s good reputation and to prevent possible sanctions under civil or criminal law, but also reflects Belimo’s values.