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Fantom Factory developed an extension for FIN Framework from J2 Innovations to integrate the Belimo Digital Ecosystem by means of the Belimo Cloud API.

FIN Framework is a software framework for building automation with application suites that can integrate, control, manage, analyze, visualize and connect. It can be integrated by OEM’s and it can also be used by system integrators as an out-of-box software called FIN Stack.

The FIN Framework extension from Fantom Factory shows how easy it is to connect to the Belimo Cloud API to retrieve and analyze your device data.

Quick Start

This connector has been developed within the Belimo Digital Ecosystem Developer Space. This extension is free to download and use from STACKhub here: afBelimoCloudFinExt 

Fantom Factory has also provided a quick start guide on STACKhub and a quick start video: Belimo Cloud extension for FIN

Once the extension is installed into your FIN, you will be able to activate a new and specific connector.

To get access to the Belimo Digital Ecosystem you will need your application-specific Client ID. You will obtain it by subscribing to the Belimo Developer Space. When filling in the form, remember to tell us that your application will use the Fantom Factorz FIN extension.

Once the connector is active and properly configured, it is possible to discover the digital twins of the devices belonging to a specific BelimoID and import them in the FIN Database.

You can configure multiple connectors for multiple BelimoIDs in order to fulfill any possible needs of device grouping and access.

This connector makes you able to read, write and synchronize the historical data of the data points of your devices.

On the right you can see historical Energy Consumption data synchronized with the mapped datapoint of the digital twin of your device.

Obtaining Support

This connector has been developed by a third company with Belimo's support. The developer is free to support it and to keep it updated. 

This software can be used to develop new applications.

Belimo does not guarantee any support on new applications or on this software, which is distributed as it is and without any warranty. Please visit the developer's website for more information.

The support offered by Belimo is of a general nature on a best effort basis, for instance in developing your own connector for a different platform. Should you be interested please write to: