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Contributing to the SDGs

At Belimo, our product portfolio, business process, and values are naturally aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals focusing on the environment, health and wellbeing, and society.

Trust, integrity, competence, and responsibility – values that lie at the foundation of environmental, economic, and social sustainability – define our corporate culture. As an employer, we support personal commitment, teamwork, cultural diversity, and the courage to take risks to inspire customers. Our product portfolio is designed and optimised to maximise energy efficiency and longevity. One hundred percent of our sales are linked to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Our overall sustainability mission is to promote global sustainability by creating healthier indoor environments that consume less energy.

Health and wellbeing

Belimo products offer improved indoor air quality, promoting the health, comfort, and wellbeing of building occupants and enabling critical applications. Our intelligent HVAC components control the major factors affecting room climate and assure a stable and healthy environment (SDG 3).


Our products save energy and reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, they drive the energy efficiency of buildings (SDG 7) and contribute to their resilience (SDG 9), while making our cities safer and more sustainable (SDG 11). Through our activities, we contribute to the doubling of the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency, creating measurable sustainability benefits and strengthening resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related disasters (SDG 13).


As an employer, we continuously create excellent jobs that emphasise personal commitment, engagement, growth, teamwork, and cultural diversity (SDG 8). We uphold sustainable procurement practices and localised sourcing, minimising waste and optimising logistics through modularising our product ranges and applying environmental management standards at our central production sites (SDG 12).

More information about our contribution to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

Delivering ESG-Impact across CESIM®

At Belimo, added value for our customers is our measure of success. We create customer value with CESIM, our customer-centric method for innovation that highlights comfort, energy efficiency, safety for people and their property, while also ensuring easy installation, commissioning, and reduced maintenance efforts. This approach ensures that we live up to our commitments to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) commitments.