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Products for
Healthy Indoor Air Quality

Ensuring the quality of indoor air requires a multipronged approach. Besides system design and regular maintenance, reliable products are essential. Belimo offers a complete and innovative range of HVAC control devices to maintain healthy indoor air while minimising energy consumption. From accurate and dependable sensors to variable air volume (VAV) solutions for demand-controlled ventilation to fast running actuators and the all-in-one Energy ValveTM, our products are complemented by our extensive expertise in providing efficient HVAC system performance. With seamless integration to the BMS and cloud-based connectivity, users gain complete visibility of indoor air quality measurements for continuous monitoring and control.

Sensors for Measurement of Indoor Air Quality

What cannot be measured cannot be controlled. Belimo offers a wide range of room and duct sensors to accurately measure temperature, relative and absolute humidity, enthalpy, dew point, CO2 and VOC. The range includes active and passive sensors. The duct sensors have a robust design that meets NEMA 4X/IP65 requirements.

Active room sensors can be commissioned and diagnosed with the Belimo Assistant App on a smartphone. Thanks to wireless NFC communication, configurations can be made even when the sensors are not powered. 

Besides being accurate, Belimo sensors have a short response time and a low drift rate, providing long-term stability. They are tailored for fast, error-free installation and commissioning by offering a unique snap-on housing cover, a detachable backplate, spring-loaded removable terminal blocks, and reverse polarity protection.

VAV Solutions for Demand-Controlled Ventilation

The air we breathe impacts our health and productivity; therefore, the precise control of airflow is critical in every workspace. Well-designed variable air volume (VAV) systems ensure the proper amount of fresh air is supplied and contaminated air is removed in a controlled manner in the space. Demand-controlled operation helps to maximise energy efficiency with the necessary amount of airflow. Measuring CO2 levels in the room is an excellent way to achieve this as it is a reliable indicator of air freshness. Furthermore, VAV systems enable negative and positive pressure in critical environments, such as isolation rooms.

Belimo's accurate airflow sensors, combined with actuator technology - which has been tested millions of times, provide precise Δp recording and control of the smallest of volumetric flows. Integrating into a building management system forms the basis for controlling the fan load equally in a cost-optimized way.

Belimo offers VAV controllers and actuators that can be tailored to your specific requirements: The VAV-Compact is an economical, all-in-one solution; an actuator, controller, and sensor bundled into one device for variable and constant volumetric flow systems for use in office buildings, hotels, hospitals and other non-residential buildings.

The modular structure of the VAV-Universal consists of a VRU controller with an integrated high-quality differential pressure sensor that enables the ideal combination of controller and damper motorisation. The VAV-Universal controls the volumetric flow specified by the room automation system, e.g., room temperature or air quality controller. Pressure fluctuations in the air duct system are detected and automatically corrected, delivering designed flow regardless of pressure fluctuations in the system — an ideal VAV solution for duct pressure and room pressure applications.

Pressure Sensors and Switches for Filter Monitoring

Filters help ensure that air supplied to the zones is not contaminated by pollutants, such as fine dust and pathogens, from the outside or recirculated air. The filter selection is based on the application and occupation-specific requirements. To ensure healthy indoor air and to save energy, filter maintenance replacements should be conducted on usage, not on scheduled time.

Over time pollutants accumulate in filters, which increases the airflow resistance, and as a result, the pressure drops over the filter. Belimo's air pressure switches are a cost-efficient and reliable way to monitor filters in systems with constant air volume flow. However, in systems with variable air volumes for demand-controlled ventilation, the differential pressure fluctuates according to the airflow. In this situation, a pressure switch isn't suitable for monitoring the filter status; a differential air pressure sensor is the solution. Belimo's single and dual differential air pressure sensors are available with a Modbus interface for remote logging and monitoring. Pressure sensors are used for accurate filter monitoring in systems with varying loads and multiple filters. The sensor measures the pressure drop across the filter in relation to the airflow.

Belimo Energy Valve™for Integrated Thermal Energy Management

The correct conditioning of the supplied air is essential for healthy indoor air. This can be achieved by optimising energy efficiency at the same time. 

The award-winning Belimo Energy ValveTM is the perfect example of a Belimo innovation combining intelligence with an actuator, flow sensors, and a ball valve. This combination goes well beyond PI control to solve low delta T syndrome and offer flow and power control. Addressing the prevalent low delta T syndrome helps improve energy efficiency and significantly lower the overall performance cost. The tightly closing valve prevents leakage and ensures precise and stable control.

The new generation Energy Valve combines energy control with MID certified energy metering in one device, assuring high accuracy and reliability, allowing for easy and efficient billing and transparent thermal energy management. Digital access supports easy setup or adjustments, commissioning, and maintenance using NFC and the Belimo Assistant App or a webserver providing full transparency to the end user's energy data.

With BACnet/IP or MSTP, Modbus TCP, or RTU on board, the Energy Valve can communicate directly to the BMS. The Ethernet interface enables direct and secure cloud connection while power over Ethernet (PoE) eliminates the need for an extra power supply.

Damper Actuators for a Variety of Conditions

Damper actuators are essential for healthy indoor air as they are required for ensuring reliably functioning HVAC systems.

  • Air intake to control the proper amount of outdoor air.
  • Inside the air handling unit to control supply, return, and recirculated air.
  • Zone to control ensures the proper amount of fresh air based on the demand and air inlets, ensuring the desired airflow pattern.

Air damper actuators were Belimo's first product innovation over 45 years ago. Thanks to continuous technological advances in the HVAC industry, Belimo is a market leader. 

Belimo damper actuators offer a comprehensive torque range with direct-coupled, rotary, or linear travel, along with fast running models for extreme HVAC applications. Belimo actuators with a communication interface allow connectivity to the DDC controller and seamless integration into building management systems and the Belimo Cloud. One or two active or passive sensors can be connected to most communicative actuators. Sensor signals are digitised and sent to the actuator, and the data is available to the controller. Belimo actuators offer lower power consumption in the industry.

Seamless Integration in Building Management Systems and IoT Platforms

Integrating digital communication into devices and equipment provides flexibility in creating innovative HVAC solutions that can control, monitor, and or maintain from anywhere. Building Management System (BMS) operators benefit from device data that is easily accessible for monitoring and system control. Facility managers gain valuable insights into equipment operation and performance, along with access to all device data, enabling timely fault detection and aiding in system diagnostics. Tenants want to be able to minimise energy consumption and cost based on usage.

Belimo products support the open communication protocols Modbus, BACnet based on RS485 or TCP/IP*. Belimo's IoT-ready products can connect to modern building IoT platforms parallel to Building Management System connectivity, offering inputs to transfer sensor measurement values to the digital ecosystem, saving extra I/O-points. With the powerful and secure client Application Programming Interface (API), third parties can integrate Belimo's IoT devices into an OEM's ecosystem, open BIoT platform, or develop their services.


Together, these high quality products ensure the comfort, energy efficiency and safety of people and their property while also ensuring easy installation and reduced maintenance.

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