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Committed to Sustainability

Land O’Lakes Achieves Building Efficiency and Reduces Energy Consumptions

Land O’ Lakes Inc.’s corporate headquarters consists of multiple buildings, the two largest of which are a four-story, 135,000 square feet office building and a two-story, 56,000 square feet R&D facility / analytical research lab. Both buildings were constructed in 1980 and together they house roughly 1,100 employees.

The Corporate Sustainability Group began making plans to upgrade the facilities to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. HVAC systems were a particular area of focus because as the buildings aged they became more difficult to cool and meet the desired discharge air temperature set points (especially in the summer months). Improving occupant comfort was also a priority.

The following requirements:

  • Increase delta T in chilled water coils to their design specifications and achieve energy savings through increased pumping efficiency.
  • Improve occupant comfort, particularly in the summer months.
  • Gain visibility into the operation of air handlers and chilled water coils. In recent years, the chilling plant had been unable to cool the facility adequately. Energy officials at Land O’ Lakes, Inc. wanted to determine if that was due to insufficient chilling capacity or inefficiency at the building level.

The solution the Belimo Energy Valve™, a two-way pressure independent control valve that optimizes, documents and proves water coil performance.

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