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Committed To Sustainability

When Land O' Lakes, Inc. was founded in 1921, the farmers believed in preserving natural resources. It's a commitment Land O' Lakes is proud to continue throughout its history. Land O’Lakes takes a unique view of the food and agriculture industries, farmers ownership, and aligns environmental sustainability efforts. These efforts range from on-farm initiatives, public and private partnerships, to sustainable operations at manufacturing and office locations.

Land O’ Lakes, Inc. was looking to upgrade their facilities in order to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption. HVAC systems were a particular area of focus due to the fact that as the buildings aged, they became more difficult to cool and meet desired discharge air temperature set points.

Belimo Energy Valves
After intensive evaluation Land O'Lakes, Inc. made the decision to partner with Belimo's Platinum Control Contractor, NAC Mechanical and Electrical Services to install Belimo Energy Valves. The Belimo Energy Valve has the capability of operating as either a pressure dependent or pressure independent control valve. The mode of operation can be changed through the valve's built-in web-based user interface.

“The installation of Belimo Energy Valves was a great jump-start to our sustainability efforts, as it helped us decrease energy usage without impacting the comfort of our employees. We are currently installing new water cooled centrifugal chillers this year, and when paired up with the Energy Valves, it will help us continue to drive top performance and efficiency of our chilled water system.”
Joshua Kline, Lead Mechanical Engineer at Land O' Lakes, Inc.

In summary, data collected indicatedd a potential flow savings of 6,210,964 gallons of pumped water over the time period of approximatively one year. The installation of the Energy Valves coupled with various infrastructural improvements to building cooling systems, helped Land O'Lakes, Inc. cut kilowatt usage in two months by roughly 15%!

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