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Optimized Performance Increases Energy Efficiency

Proven User-Friendliness and Reliability of the new PR Actuators

The latest product within the Belimo product range was specially developed for the HVAC industry and meets its requirements by 100%. This is confirmed by the first experiences within the new plant of Kuhn Champignon AG in Full-Reuenthal (CH). The production plant is in operation since June 2015. The new generation butterfly valve actuator from Belimo was installed there in March 2016 and has been running since then flawlessly. The innovative actuators furnished proof, that they are highly user-friendly and reliable in the application. The project management for the plant is handled at Trane and the project manager and contact person for Belimo and Kuhn is Andreas Wechner. His experience made with this solution was exclusively positive.

Customer benefits

  • Easy installation thanks to lower overall height and reduced weight of the actuator
  • Easy commissioning, parameterising and maintenance through Near Field Communication (NFC)
  • Guaranteed reliable operation through intelligent self-adjusting valve design
  • 80% energy saving as the contact surface between valve seal and valve disk is reduced


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